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Emotional Travel Planner to Make your Travel Memories Even Better!


Emotional Travel Planner

When attempting to travel it is vital not only to search for trips and also hotels yet additionally to make an emotional travel planner.

Any individual with a phone or computer can prepare a schedule as well as also GENERAL SPECIALIST devices have made it extremely simple to navigate.

You, more than likely, know where you intend to go, how much time your wish to remain and also how you are getting to your location.

Important Question! Are you as well as your taking a trip partner prepared emotionally for the adventure?

The CCT Adventures “Travel Planner” will assist you to intend your journey to the Central Shore of California however that is not all we want to complete.



Planning Develops Assumptions!

Preparation for a trip could be as much enjoyable as taking the trip.

In preparing for a vacation, a day trip or a weekend break getaway you create assumptions concerning exactly what you wish to occur.

if you enable yourself to have ideal expectations and recognize your travelling companions’ expectations you will have a benefit.

Assumptions, as well as desires, are human as well as we want to give aid to make all your desires happen.


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The Travel Feeling

You probably already know that planning a trip involves several steps, such as booking your flights, packing your bags, and checking in at the airport.

However, did you also notice that your state of mind travels in its own unique way?

Travel is, in fact, personally relevant since it is transformational, inspiring, and memorable. Our emotions are affected by it, and they move along with it.

You won’t be surprised to learn that Joy is among the most frequently experienced emotions while travelling.

But did you realize that there’s a lot more to your emotional journey than that?

Actually, during the travel experience, up to 15 different feelings and emotions are present.



Seeing the world puts things into perspective and can enable you to identify your true passion. Being in a beautiful setting has a strange way of changing the way you think.

When we plan a journey we feel the expectation and enthusiasm of the research.

We look for different options where to go and the world has too many options so the excitement grows as we look for new and unknown destinations for the travel.

This is the moment we start living our travel because we focus our energy on every possible detail to make this travel the best experience of our lives.

The emotional travel planner starts right here.



When we decide on our destination, it’s time to do some work.

Important details such as itinerary, dates,  accommodation and budget.  This is the part of your travel planner where anxiety and some stress come in.

Sometimes we find there is not enough money for the travel because the place we want to meet is so expensive or the transportation options are poor and we will spend a lot of time on it.

It is common to have the desire to leave for another day, but the excitement of the travel will lead us to look for another destination with better conditions for us.



When it comes the time for booking there is a mix of satisfaction and anxiety.

Maybe we did not find the price we wanted, or the services booked are not good enough because our expectations were higher.

Anyway, negative thoughts and emotions go away as you land every service for your travel.  Knowing your travel planner efforts are materialized makes you feel less stressed.


Post Booking

You have finally made it and flights, hotels, excursions and some other services are booked.

You feel relaxed because the job is done, but many times a second thought comes in.

“What if we change the hotel for a cheaper one” or “what if we take the train instead of a flight”.

Let me tell you this happens all the time because we tend to look for perfection and we want this travel to be the best travel ever and the more options your destination offers, the hardest to choose from.

But there is no time for regrets.  You decided with your mind … and your heart.  Enjoy!


Day Before

The day before departure is the most exciting and stressful one.

We check over and over our reservations, documents, credit cards, luggage, everything.

I cannot sleep well the night before.  If I have to wake up too early, I prefer not to sleep because I´m afraid of losing the flight and messing it all up.

Time runs so slow sometimes and faster some others.

Anyhow, we are right there in front of the new adventure and this emotion keeps growing.


Travel and Stay

There we are.  Our dream comes true and we feel the joy of the work done.

It is obvious that some inconvenience appears but our emotional state helps us fix it.

The satisfaction feeling grows as we find that all our travel planner efforts were right and the services and accommodations and the destination worth it all.

Meeting new places, new people, and new cultures is the most exciting part of any travel and we feel in some state of grace.



Many travellers, me included, feel some sadness and melancholy when the party is over.

The wonderful experiences, the memories and experiences gained are there to stay but we can´t avoid that sense of loss.

But we know nothing lasts forever and the long way home could be better if we start thinking about the next adventure.

These are the emotional travel planner phases almost every traveller experiments and that makes travelling the best experience anybody could have.


Travel Planner Itineraries are Straightforward!

travel planner

For the best travel planner experience, here are some tips.

The technique of transportation is basic.

You will drive, fly or ride a train.  Preparation tasks are very easy however communication with travelling companions is a must.

It is relatively very easy to identify what you intend to do, which is usually just having fun.

However, if you do not take a look at expectations, and interactions in addition to other crucial aspects of human practices you may find your journey transforming into a catastrophe.

Before going any kind of additional stop momentarily along with collaborating with the basics. If you are going to be taking a trip with friends or your household now is a fantastic time to talk to them regarding the basics.

You might have one destination in mind as well as your partner may be thinking simply the contrary.


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Travel Planner Fundamentals

Speak with each other and determine which city on the Central Coastline would be the best area to spend the evening.

It would be a good time to review just what kind of motel, b and b etc. you would love to get.

Do not wait till the eleventh hour to decide.

See to it to obtain everybody involved. If you do not you are opening the scenario up for disagreement in the future.

Have you ever before been on a trip which ended up being a complete dissatisfaction?

I think we have all seasoned aggravation on a getaway at a time in our life. Currently, it is time to pre-plan reactions as well as assumptions.

Establish a time to have a meeting with everybody occurring the journey. If it is simply you as well as your partner or partner still call for time to communicate your assumptions.

Make certain to ask concerns as well as likewise make notes of what is mentioned in this meeting.

You might believe this is horrendous yet think of me this could quit an argument while vacationing.


Travel Planner Additional Resources

To enjoy the best experiences for you journeys, check the awesome resources available:



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