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The Top 10 Travel Companies in the World

Top 10 travel companies

Most travellers are always looking for the best options for their travels.

Best hotels, best flights, best prices, etc.  Simply the best they can afford for their money.

To accomplish that goal it is recommended to hire the services of a travel company that helps you plan every little detail of your journey.

So we want the best travel company and here we are going to try to find out the top 10 travel companies in the world.

From Cox & Kings, which claims to be the world’s oldest travel firm, is wary of over-promising the celebrities and heads of state you may meet on one of their tailored luxury journeys, to new kids in the industry there is a wide range to choose from.

So let´s discover the top 10 travel companies.


How to Choose the Top 10 Travel Companies in the World

When it comes to choosing the perfect travel company, there are a lot of factors to consider.

Here are a few key things to keep in mind:


Type of Travel:

If you’re looking for a specific type of travel, such as luxury travel or adventure travel, make sure to research the different companies available and choose one that fits your needs.



While price isn’t the only factor to consider, it’s a major one. Do your research to find the best deals available.

Some travel companies offer discounts for online booking.



One of the most important factors to consider is the quality of service offered by the company.

Make sure to read reviews and compare prices to find the best deal.



Finally, consider the company’s reputation.

Some of the best and most reputable travel companies have been in business for years.


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Types of Services

Some travel companies are focused on different types of services that their clients ask for.

So, among the top 10 travel companies, some of them are dedicated to corporations, others to travel groups and some others are tour operators.


Travel groups

Travel groups are often considered to be the most cost-effective way to organize group travel.

The advantages of using a travel group are that you can get a good deal with the price and it also makes the process much easier for the organizer.

Some disadvantages are that the cost can be higher than individual trips and you have no control over the itinerary.


Tour operator

A tour operator will charge you more than a travel agent but they will also provide you with more flexibility in your travel plans.

The tour operator will usually have an experienced staff who can advise you on the best places to go, the best times to go there and the best accommodation options.

They can also arrange airport transfers and other ground transportation services if required.

A tour operator will also give you more options when it comes to planning your trip.


Corporate Travel Agency

A corporate travel agency will offer all the benefits of a tour operator but at a much lower price.

This means that you can get a great deal on your travel plans without having to compromise on quality or service.

You will also get advice from their experienced staff on how to make your travel plans work well for your company.

They will also handle the administration side of things so that you do not have to worry about making arrangements.

Corporate travel agencies are often used by large companies to save money on travel.

They will also provide you with the option of getting the same level of service as a tour operator but at a fraction of the cost.

If you are looking for a great travel deal then a corporate travel agency may be the answer for you.

There are many different types of travel agencies. Some cater for only one type of business while others cater for a variety of businesses.

When choosing a corporate travel agency you should look for one that has experience in working with your industry.

They should be able to match you with the right kind of travel based on the size of your group and the type of travel you need.

Choosing a corporate travel agency can be a difficult task because there are so many to choose from.

However, if you know what you want and what your needs are then you should be able to find the right one for you.


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Vacation Companies

Some travel companies are in the Top 10 travel companies because of the kind of services they provide.

There are many kinds of travellers looking for some specific experiences and this company has everything you need to live your dreams.


Adventurous travelling

Right here are a couple of the finest adventure travel companies that give a differentiating and also interesting series of adventurous travelling plans.

Hiking the Inca Path, biking in Morocco, as well as rafting via Grand Canyon, are merely the shortest sample of experiences these organizations can offer clients.

All their sites list certain adventurous trips, with elaborated itineraries, costs and also photos.


Space experiences:

This business offers an option of concerning 1,200 adventurous journey strategies to all 7 continents.

To find some discount rate rates on interesting tours check out their “Specials” area.


Geographical Expeditions Journey tours:

This firm provides a portfolio of land journeys, walks, travels and also army sea journeys to the most impressive places worldwide, ranging right from journeys in Nepal, China as well as Vietnam to Ghana as well as Mongolia.


Austin-Lehman adventurous trips:

If you are preparing for daring take a trip trips that children of every age could appreciate, or tours just for you or for teens, consider this company.

Austin-Lehman offers the hike, bike, paddle, climb, flight as well as Multi-Sport excursions– check out gorgeous destinations such as Costa Rica, Alaska, Mexico, Bryce, Canada, and Yosemite National Parks and Zion.


International Expeditions:

This firm offers nature tours and eco journeys to various locations comprising Egypt, Amazon, India, Galapagos and Kenya. International Expeditions offers deep itineraries intended to explore the region’s mortal of the nation.


Intrepid Traveling:

This is a niche adventure travelling company that concentrates on taking consumers out-of-the-way track to concerning ninety places over the globe.

On this common trip, you can trip on paths similar to localized individuals, respecting the environment as well as the culture.

This travel tour driver company takes generally public transport, and stays and eats in small local-owned organizations.


Little adventurous trips with classic journeys:

This company is specializing in small-group, boutique as well as soft daring journeys.

Classic trips function 3 kinds of tours: family journeying, social strolling experiences as well as cooking tips.



The Top 10 Travel Companies

Following is the list of the top 10 travel companies in the world according to the criteria explained before:


Expedia Group

Which travel agency is the best? That’s a difficult and subjective topic to answer, but if you go by the best travel agency in the world in terms of sales, Expedia Group is your answer.

Expedia Group is a consumer and small business travel online shopping company based in the United States.

The company is most known for its travel fare aggregator websites, which let you arrange all of your travel needs, including flights, car rentals, and hotels.

Expedia also functions as a metasearch engine, allowing you to search for and plan your entire trip.


Booking Holdings

The American company Booking Holdings Inc. is ranked number two on this list of the top ten travel companies in the world., as well as,,, Cheapflights,, Momondo, and OpenTable, are among the company’s travel fare aggregator websites and travel and tourism search engines.

Last year, Booking Holdings made USD 92.7 billion in revenues, with approximately 90% of its profits coming from and outside the United States.

Book Holdings is a truly global travel firm that is predicted to continue to grow at a rapid pace in the worldwide market.


American Express Global Business Travel

On this list of the top ten travel companies in the world,

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is ranked third. GBT is a corporate management travel company that is owned by American Express to the tune of 50%.

GBT is a business travel management company that manages corporate travel and meetings programs for big organizations while also providing services and assistance to business travellers.


BCD Travel

BCD Travel is ranked fourth on BizVibe’s list of the greatest travel companies based on sales numbers.

The company BCD Travel is the largest travel firm in the Netherlands and a global provider of corporate travel management.

The corporation now operates in over 109 countries and earned sales of USD 27.1 billion last year.

BCD Group, a privately held Dutch corporation specialising in travel services and corporate travel management, is BCD Travel’s parent firm.



CWT, formerly Carlson Wagonlit Travel, is ranked 5th on this list of the world’s top 10 travel companies by sales since 2020.

The CWT is a travel management company that organizes corporate travel, meetings, incentives, conferencing, trade shows, as well as event planning.

This company is known for operating a top-tier B2B travel management platform that provides business travel, technology, and meetings and events management to businesses in over 145 countries.


Flight Centre Travel Group

Flight Centre Travel Group is a travel agency that specializes in booking flights

So Flight Centre, Australia’s largest retail travel agency, is ranked 6th on BizVibe’s list of the top 10 travel companies in the globe.

The company was created in 1982 and is located in Brisban, In Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, China, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Mexico,

Flight Centre runs approximately 2,800 stores and offices under numerous retail and corporate names.


Travel Leaders Group

The Travel Leaders Group, a multi-unit travel industry company headquartered in New York City with more than 7,000 company-owned, franchised, and affiliated travel agency locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Mexico, is ranked 7th on BizVibe’s list of the top 10 travel companies in the world.

The company employs over 52,000 travel agents worldwide and produced sales of USD 7.12 billion last year, making it one of the most successful travel companies in the world.

More than 52,000 hosted agents generate $3.73 billion in sales.


American Express Travel

American Express Travel is a full-service worldwide travel and lifestyle network that ranks eighth in terms of sales among the top ten travel companies in the world.

The corporation made $6.27 billion in sales last year. American Express stated in March 2014 that it had struck a joint venture agreement for business travel and had spun off its corporate travel division as American Express Global Business Travel.


Direct Travel

On the top 10 travel companies we find Direct Travel that is a major travel management firm that specializes in creating customised solutions for corporate travel, meetings and events, and leisure travel.

Due to its exceptional sales results, the company ranks 9th on BizVibe’s list of the top 10 travel companies in the world, making USD 5.4 billion in transactional sales last year.


Corporate Travel Management

Corporate Travel Management, a global provider of creative and cost-effective travel solutions covering corporate, events, leisure, loyalty, and wholesale travel, rounds out BizVibe’s list of the top 10 travel firms in the world.

CTM provides local service solutions to customers all around the world through a network of independent partner agencies and CTM-owned and operated offices.

The CTM had revenues of USD 5 billion last year, making it one of the top travel businesses in the world in terms of revenue.


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