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World Travel Planner : Planning the Perfect World Trip

World Travel Planner

There are so many reasons to explore the world.

Whether you’re looking to see the best of your own country, meet new people, or just have some fun, a world travel planner can help make your dreams a reality.

Some of the best world travel planners let you choose your destination and itinerary, so you can plan everything from the colours you want to see to the type of food you want to eat.

They can also help you find the best deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars.

And, of course, world travel planners make it easy to keep track of where you are and what you’ve seen.

Let me guide you on this adventure through a world travel planner.



World Travel Planner Books

Travelling is the best way to know different things about distant geographical locations on Earth.

And travel books and guidebooks help in different ways in this regard.

World travel planner books come with essential features to make one’s trip comfortable, safe and successful.


Advantages of World Travel Planner books

Easy transportation

With the help of route planner books, transportation becomes simple.

Furthermore, one can simply discover an appropriate mode of transportation to the location, such as a train ride, a flight, or a car drive.


Communication and Climate

Communication becomes a problem during the trip if someone is not aware of the different climatic conditions of the place one is planning to go.

In this regard, such books help by providing the required information on the climatic conditions of the place in a particular month.


Food & accommodation

Travel planning activities also include the proper planning of food and accommodation in the desired location.

Route planner publishing helps in finding a different type of motel, food kinds and other accommodation needs one would like to get.


Cultural events

Different cultural events are popular in different parts of the world.

Such books also include information on the season, scheduling, and procedure for participating in cultural events in a certain location.



The safety concern is another useful aspect.

Route planning books also assist by teaching visitors about the precautions they should take when visiting a specific location.

It also indicates whether or not the location is suitable for children and elderly relatives.


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World Travel Planner Tips

As you have read, world travel planner books can help you a lot when planning your trips.

Now I want to share some world travel planner tips that are going to help you save money, time and effort on your next adventure.


Reservations for Round-the-World Flights

A single RTW ticket is required for a world trip, according to many around-the-world trip planners (that is, any airline alliance website created to sell tickets).

This, however, is something with which I disagree.

Aside from the fact that having a single journey of the world for a year plan (even if flexible) can tie you into a trip that is anything but predictable, booking individual parts is typically more cost-effective, especially if you have miles or points to play with.

Let’s pretend you’re from the United States and wish to travel around the world westward.

After taking advantage of a bargain one-way flight from the United States to Japan or China, you can explore Southeast Asia and Australia on low-cost flights.

Then gradually make your way to Europe (and from there, Africa), before flying to South America and returning home, all for a few hundred dollars per segment.

A round-the-world ticket, on the other hand, can easily cost $2,000-3,000 if it solely includes long-distance flights.

And that’s before you factor in the fees you’ll have to pay to modify it as your plans alter.


How Long Does It Take to Travel Around the World?

Whether you use an around-the-world trip planner or not, bear in mind that while planning a round-the-world journey, the question of timing might be shockingly far in the back of your mind, especially if you’ll be visiting parts of the world you’ve never visited.

While two weeks in Japan or Western Europe can cover a lot of terrain, it is severely inadequate in locations like India, Africa, and even much of South America.

In general, you’re probably underestimating the amount of time you’ll need to commit to your vacation.


What Is the Cost of a Round-the-World Trip?

Another flaw in many round-the-world travel planners (which is another way of saying flight booking tools) is that they just supply a piece of the cost puzzle—your round-the-world trip isn’t going to be cheap.

In general, the cost of travelling anywhere in the world ranges from $50 to $150 per person, per day, which means that a reasonable estimate for the cost of the ultimate around-the-world itinerary for a six-month journey (excluding your “major” flights) is between $9,000 and $27,000. It was not inexpensive!

Of course, there are ways to cut the expense of a round-the-world trip, whether you discover the lowest round-the-world ticket.

Take advantage of possibilities for free or discounted accommodations (whether you couch surf or participate in a volunteer program), or simply limit you’re eating out and shopping.

In general, I’d advise overestimating your budget rather than underestimating it, if only to avoid becoming a “backpacker.”


When is the Best Time to Travel Around the World?

It is up to you to decide when and where you wish to travel throughout the world.

While the majority of the sample round-the-world routes I’ll offer in the next part are pretty evergreen, some places are better in certain months than others, and preparing accordingly can have an impact on the rest of your trip.

Let’s say you want to witness the cherry blossoms in Japan, which are arguably the most famous seasonal display in the world.

You’ll want to plan the rest of your RTW journey to optimize the weather in all of your destinations, whether you choose from my round-the-globe trip ideas below or commission a bespoke 6-month travel itinerary.



Ideas for a Trip Around the World

There are too many interesting world tour packages to choose from.

To help a better world travel planner, here are some of the most common packages you can find on the travel market.


The Seven Wonders of the World

Rather than taking a comprehensive approach (which can lead to a year or longer on the road—again, not an option for most travellers), you can start your world travel planner with a finite list of world wonders.

Whether classic ones found on an Asia trip planner like the Great Wall or ones you designate yourself, like Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia church or Ethiopia’s “Door to Hell.”

If you want to take a more traditional route for your round-the-world trip, you can plan a round-the-world tour between wonders as follows.

From Chicago to Beijing (to see the Great Wall), then to Delhi (to see the Taj Mahal), Cairo (to see the Pyramids), Athens (to see the Acropolis), London (to see Stonehenge), Rio de Janeiro (to see Christ the Redeemer), and finally New York (for the Statue of Liberty).

This is, once again, highly customisable!


Six Continents at Their Finest

Most round-the-world travellers seek to see the “entire world” on their journeys, including all six inhabited continents and possibly Antarctica.

Regardless of where your round-the-world trip begins, the general itinerary will be North America-Asia (Australia/New Zealand)-(Middle East/India) Europe (Africa)-South America-North America, or vice versa, depending on where you begin and when you go.

Los Angeles–Vancouver–Tokyo–Bangkok–Sydney–Dubai–Paris–Cairo–Cape Town–London–Buenos Aires–Bogota–Houston is an example of a general flight path.

Needless to say, there are other options, ranging from a six-month round-the-world tour to ones that last considerably longer!


Frolic with a Five-Star Rating

Travellers without a set budget can enjoy a round-the-world business class (or even first-class) frolic that pulls out all the stops on the other end of the spectrum for a global tour itinerary.

Rather than focusing on a specific destination, you can tailor your trip to include luxury hotels and experiences, such as a Tanzania safari from the Four Seasons Serengeti, award-winning in-flight products and services from Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines, or dining in foodie capitals like Tokyo and Paris.

If you’re planning a luxury round-the-world trip, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to assist you, because the cost of such assistance (typically between $100 and $200 per week of travel) is small in comparison to the overall expense of such a journey.


The Trail of the Backpacker

I’ve gone to great lengths in this round-the-world trip planner to be truthful and realistic about the cost of going around the world, but this is still a journey that backpackers can take.

Especially if you combine low-cost places such as Southeast Asia, India, Eastern Europe, Andean South America, and Central America.

For example, if you’re looking for an inexpensive round-the-world trip, fly from Denver to Kuala Lumpur (through China, because Chinese airlines are the cheapest), then fly to Mumbai or Delhi for a month or two.

From there, fly to Ukraine or Poland to spend a month or so touring Eastern Europe (I recommend the Balkans), before flying to Lima (where Peru and Bolivia await) or Cancun, from whence you can travel south to inexpensive Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.


World travel planner


Planning a Round-the-World Trip

The best round-the-world tours are those in which you get out on the road and follow the wind, but most people can’t afford to do that.

Even if you’re a naturally adventurous and spontaneous traveller, round-the-world travels involve more planning than you’d like, whether it’s due to limited cash or a “real life” you need to return to.

“Can a travel agency organize my round-the-world journey for me?” you might wonder.

The answer is yes, but you need to do some good research.

There are too many services you are going to need and a good world travel planner starts by choosing an experienced travel coach or agency.



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For most travellers, learning about your RTW flight booking options, calculating the cost of your RTW journey, and picking on destinations and routing are all that’s required.

Others, on the other hand, may wish to engage a globe tour planner (or at the very least a skeleton of one, which establishes a broad trajectory) on their behalf.

For the best world travel planner or any single trip you want to make plans research is the first step to enjoy the best experience possible.

On these pages, you are going to find a lot of tips and resources for your adventures.



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