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travelling a real passionOne of the most exciting things that can exist, for me, is to travel.

Meeting places, people, lifestyles and different cultures is really an experience everybody should have.

You can take a trip downtown, meet the magic places in your city or town and start feeling like a tourist even you are home.

When you do that, and I highly recommend it to you, you start to develop a traveller soul.

Sounds weird? Not at all. I believe that it all starts with a dream, and next with taking action. All you need is an starting point.

So let me ask you a question. Is there any cheapest travel than touring your home town?

The discovery of your roots. The magic places, buildings, statues, theaters, etc., are going to make you appreciate the wonders that are around you.

Then it all begins. You meet towns next to yours and try to learn some local history. It is amazing how many local stories are in each and every town.

No matter if the place has hundreds of years of age or if it is a recent settlement. Every place has it history.

Soon you will discover the changes in you. Now you like travels. You are curious about the world´s wonders and you really want to see the world with your own eyes.

Is travelling expensive? It all depends on your research and planning. Touring with luxury is very expensive indeed, but you can adjust your travel plans to your budget.

I am going to try my best to share with you lots of information about the best travel packages, tips and hints, and ideas to make your traveller dreams come true.

Stay in tune. The journey starts here.