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Travel All Around the World Following the Top 5 World Travel Awards

People who love to travel all around the world have London as their favourite destination, so the British capital wins again.

Considerably, on the fifth consecutive occasion, London has been chosen as the ‘World’s Leading Destination at the high-prestige ‘World Travel Awards (WTA)’.

Although there was stiff competition between the world’s so-called top-notch hospitable cities including New York, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Sydney, the British capital amazingly bagged the award in the end.

If you want to travel all around the world you should be following the nominations of the World Travel Awards.

You are going to discover what is trending and many reasons why you should visit certain destinations.

For instance, London has won many awards so it is a great indication this destination is a must on your list.



London Named World Destination of the Year

London’s accolade follows the last month’s phenomenal news that Britain is the world’s fourth most admired country, lagging behind the USA, Germany and France.

At the beginning of the year, tourist arrivals in the metropolis rose to 27 million, thanks to a few prominent events, which saw an influx of international tourists as well as to the excitement built before the 2012 Olympics.

In addition, the capital boasts arrays of world-class tourist venues that spellbind visitors all around the year.

Not to forget, Christmas which every year sees flocks of people from all around struggling to find accommodation in jam-packed London.


Industry Awards

travel all around the world

World Travel Awards is the biggest and the most prestigious awards programme in the world of the travel industry.

WTA rummages around excellence across every sector of the international travel and tourism industry and picks out only the elites from the widespread industry.

Also known as “The Oscars of the Travel Industry “, the World Travel Awards is the supreme travel accolade.

For the last 17 years, WTA is constantly in action to elevate the standards of customer service and the travel industry’s overall performance.

After a substantial year-long hunt, the World Travel Awards settled on their award winners and honoured all the frontrunners in the capital’s Grosvenor House hotel in the spectacular Grand Final Ceremony.

A few hotel groups having UK properties including the InterContinental Hotels and Resorts, JW Marriott, Holiday Inn Express, von Essen and Ritz Carlton were also awarded at the programme.


travel all around the world

Without a doubt, the World Travel Awards has escalated London’s prominence in the global travelling and tourism industry by honouring it yet again.

Even if the capital has owned numerous influential awards so far, this award has its unique importance.

Maybe that is why before travel all around the world, you should visit London.



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