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Wanderlust on a Budget: How to Travel the World for Free

How to Travel the World for Free

Got that travelling pest attacking away whatsoever your thoughts? Can you go a day without wanderlust jabbing its method right into your schedule? Discover here how to travel the world for free.

If you constantly find yourself wondering and planning your next fantastic getaway, it might be time to stop daydreaming and start making plans.

You might believe a vacation would cost a fortune because lodgings, vehicle services, and tasks all have a cost.

However, there are countless different ways to travel that will not only save you money but will also allow you to interact with locals and people in a form that will undoubtedly immerse you in a whole new society as well as introduce you to life.

The following programs as well as additional sites supply some completely exceptional methods to help lower your expenses as well as, generally, find out how to travel the world for free.



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Some resources for cheap or free travel


Websites like Work Away list hosts in all different countries worldwide that let you remain with them for a few hours volunteering throughout the week.

Okay, you pay a signup charge for this website, however, it resembles 10 euros.

Considering you would certainly battle to obtain a hostel for an evening for that price, as well as below you get access to all these hosts for two years. It’s a no-brainer!

One of the better-known free methods of travel is Couch Surfing where you can host or stay with people around the world.

People likely to host you couch surfing are travellers themselves who know what it’s like to be on the road.

Some people may be worried about their safety when staying with a stranger, but use your best judgment and have some trust in fellow humans.

Put on your responsible hat and take care of someone’s house, pets and gardens while they’re away.

Websites like Mind My House help play matchmakers for homeowners and home “watchers” around the world.

Again, there’s a small annual fee but, for long-term sitting, you’d be paying pennies per day to live in an amazing property! Hello, month-long accommodation!


Rewards programs

While this is something that mainly benefits American travellers, debit card rewards programs offer benefits for whatever from totally free fine dining to complimentary resort remains to free international trips.

While it can take some serious research as well as a little bit of proficiency in benefits programs, travel hacking can assist you in using benefits factors sensibly and ultimately take a trip for free.


If you have been looking to obtain a travelling reward credit history record card, I advise seeking one before a big trip or purchase.

Numerous of the biggest advantages is obtaining show-use free journeys in addition to resorts.

Plus, several cards offer included points when making travel-related purchases. Some cards also offer to take trip protection when you invest in a trip with the card.


Other resources

Here are some other resources to help you with how to travel the world for free.

WWOOF represent World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms where tourists can live and also service a ranch in exchange for totally free dishes and lodging.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to find out about the local culture, learn something new as well as obtain outdoors. Simply select a destination as well as see what chances are offered!

Like with sofa browsing, it’s time to count on humanity!

Western European nations like France and also Spain have a wonderful track record for bumming a ride, in addition to areas fresh Zealand, and people will certainly obtain your areas safely.

Utilize your best judgement and use handy sources for hitchhiking suggestions and also info on how to get going.

For females, hitch-hiking will certainly always have a component of threat, so never go alone.


Getting money on the road

There are many methods to teach English around the globe where you earn money to travel!

The appeal of a TEFL accreditation is that when you have that certificate, you can inform ANYWHERE!

The TEFLPros is an award-winning online credentials program for anyone that is intending to reveal English abroad or online as well as additionally start life as a mentor, locating out and also travelling to areas that you can only prefer.

TEFLPros is a women-owned addition being run by 2 trainer trainers who understand all the ups along downs of what it resembles to follow this course.

Operating at an enjoyment camp in Europe or the Americas is not simply super fun however will save you a lot of money.

Some programs geared in the direction of college students, like Camp Adventure, even gain you university credit scores.

For the size of your agreement, you usually receive a living gratuity, plus all holiday accommodation, dishes and washing are supplied.



If you aren’t crazy about sticking out a finger and also waiting on the side of the roadway, use an automobile-sharing network like Bla Bla Cars and Truck.

It’s primarily organized hitch-hiking that attaches individuals who are required to take a trip with chauffeurs who have empty seats.


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How to Travel the World for Cheap

Follow this best overview to take trip thriftiness and also see the globe on the ultra-cheap:


1. Get a Job Overseas

Not making adequate cash at your job? Why not obtain a task overseas?

There are a lot of changes in the globe as long as you aren’t fussy– and also, after all, this isn’t a career you are starting, it’s simply a method to generate income for travel.

Here are some jobs you can get when you travel:

  • Au pair– An au set is a live-in caretaker who helps a host household by taking care of their kids as well as doing some standard housekeeping. In exchange, you secure a free bed and board and a tiny income. This is a fantastic route if you’re looking to discover a new language.
  • Bartender– It’s constantly 5 o’clock someplace, so if you have the abilities after that this is a very easy job to relocate overseas. It’s likewise an easy task to get under the table if you decide to go that route.
  • Hostel worker– Hostel workers rarely linger for long, which indicates there is always a demand for brand-new assistance. It’s a wonderful means to fulfil various other vacationers while changing to a new place. You can generally likewise begin off as a volunteer (in exchange for a cost-free area) to avoid visa problems. Three websites that can help you find hostels to offer are Worldpackers, Workaway, and HelpX.
  • Waitress/ waitress– There are bunches of seasonal dining establishments around the globe that need additional assistance during the active visitor months. If you have experience, this is simple work to locate abroad.
  • Farm employee– While rarely extravagant, if you don’t mind the effort this is a wonderful means to make a great deal of money in a brief amount of time (as you will not have time to spend your cash because you’ll be subcontracting in the middle of nowhere!). This job is popular in Australia as well as New Zealand.
  • Dive teacher (some qualification called for)– If you have your qualification, this is very easy work to travel with as dive trainers are required everywhere. Best of all, these jobs are usually in picturesque exotic locations!
  • Tour guide– If you’ve got a flair for history as well as don’t mind speaking in front of groups, this is the perfect work for you. It’s likewise normally a cash job, which indicates you get your pointers directly.
  • Cruise ship employee– This is a far more official position, however, it’s a fantastic means to take a trip. The hrs are long, however, there’s something to be claimed about living at sea!
  • Casino employee– While this may need some training if you’re a night owl and also do not mind the online casino scene this is a fun task to work abroad.
  • Seasonal workers at ski resorts– Trainers, dining establishment teams, resort personnel, lifeguards– ski hotels need all kinds of teams to keep points relocating, making this a goldmine for the abroad traveller (as long as you don’t mind the snow!).
  • Luxury yacht worker– While the hours can be long, you can make terrific money working for the rich and famous on their luxury yachts. Best of all, you’re usually in some attractive outstanding destinations!

Functioning overseas frequently obtains discounts as an option because it appears tough to do. It’s not. Just be open.

These tasks don’t need postgraduate degrees or a whole lot of work experience either.

Are you going to obtain some high-paying office work? No. Will you obtain a shitty, low-wage work that will pay all your travel expenses? Yes!

I have fulfilled individuals from all professions, both from Western as well as non-Western countries, funding their journeys this way.


2. Teach English Overseas

One of the very best ways to earn money for travelling is to learn English overseas.

You can make a great deal of money mentor– I replenished my travelling funds while working in Thailand, and I have had good friends leave South Korea with 10s of countless bucks in the financial institution.

All you require is the capability to speak English fluently and also possibly a TEFL level, depending on the nation you operate in.

The globe is yearning for educators, as well as this is a job in high demand; numerous businesses in Asia will certainly also spend for your flight over.

Additionally, there are several websites as well as services around that enable you to instruct essentially. As long as you have a wonderful wi-fi link, you can assist people to find out English from anywhere in the world!

By doing this you have a solution for how to travel the world for free.


3. Do WWOOFing and Work on a Farm

WWOOF means World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

It’s a system that permits you to function on a farm in exchange for totally free space and also board.

It’s a fantastic means to see a destination while allowing you to communicate the great outdoors.

You have to pay to reach the ranch, however when you exist, whatever else is covered!

It definitely will aid you in taking a trip cheaply as well as have a one-of-a-kind experience as well as satisfy great deals of amazing individuals.


4. Use the Sharing Economy

Make use of the sharing economy to find cheaper holiday accommodation, unusual trip guides, rideshare choices, and also home-cooked meals with neighbourhood chefs.

You can bypass the standard travelling sector with sharing economy websites and also get to locals using their properties and skills to become tiny tourist companies with less expensive costs.

Furthermore, locals know where to locate bargains.

They understand which grocery store is cheapest, which shops offer the very best sales, as well as where to discover the hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars with the tastiest food at the most affordable rates.

Chatting straight to the offers you accessibility to that knowledge.

These sites have transformed the travel game and made travel more accessible for everybody.

Right here are some of my preferred websites:

Airbnb (accommodation) BlaBlaCar (ridesharing) EatWith (dishes).


5. Cook Your Meals

The very best means to conserve money on the roadway is to prepare all your dishes.

I just recently spent USD 60 for a week’s worth of grocery stores in Stockholm as opposed to approximately USD 15 per dish eating in restaurants!

That’s a saving of USD 150!

If you are Couchsurfing, your host will most likely have a cooking area, as do many hostels, campgrounds, as well as guesthouses. No kitchen area?

Load your container and also flatware and make some sandwiches and salads on the go. Not every meal calls for a range, right?

Even if you are travelling, it does not mean you need to dine in restaurants every meal. You won’t ruin your trip to Paris if you choose not to eat in restaurants someday!

There’s merely no factor to be investing great deals of money on food on your trip!


6. Get Rail Passes

Rail passes (like Eurail) are an excellent method to save money when it concerns train travelling.

If you’re circumnavigating the region for a while, rail passes will likely be more affordable than simply booking specific journeys.

Whenever you are reserving private journeys, booking ahead of time can generally save you about 50% of the price of a train ticket.

Nevertheless, that fixes you to an established timeline.

If you do not desire to be connected right into a deal with schedule, rail passes can save you a great deal of cash while providing you with the adaptability you need.

I’ve saved thousands of bucks in Europe doing this!


7. Sleep in Large Dorms

Huge hostel dormitories are the cheapest paid accommodation out there.

If Couchsurfing isn’t your point, this is your next ideal way to conserve money on a location to sleep. The bigger the dorm, the cheaper it will be.

While a 4-6 bed dormitory could give you extra personal privacy, a 12-18 bed dorm is going to be a little bit less costly.

In the future, this will build up. As long as you’ve got earplugs, choose the larger door to maintain your spending plan intact!


8. Use Student and Other Discount Cards

Are you a student, instructor, or under 26? Welcome to the globe of 50%-off destinations in addition to a myriad of discount rates.

Obtain a student/teacher/youth card as well as save large!

Even if you have simply lately ended up, opportunities are you can still get by with your ended ID card (as long as it doesn’t have an expiry day).

Constantly ask if there are price cuts readily available for trainees or young people as this is a simple way to save great deals of cash as you take a trip about!


9. Get City Tourist Cards

If you plan on seeing a lot of sights in a city, you should get a city tourism card.

These will offer you discounted and/or free access to the major attractions and museums, as well as free public transportation.

I saved over $100 with the London Pass, $80 with the Paris Museum card, $50 with a Helsinki card, and tons more with other city tourism cards.

They are an amazing way to save money on attractions that not enough people use. Just head to the local tourism office to find out what cards are available.

They can help answer all your questions and make sure you save as much money as possible.


10. Sell Your Services

Required some money? Use Craigslist, TaskRabbit, Upwork, or Gumtree to locate people who require a couple of points done around your home and earn money to help them.

It’s a way to earn money when you take a trip without devoting yourself to long-lasting work. Furthermore, if you have a skill, market it.

Deal hairstyles to various other vacationers, busk for money, and supply online solutions like editing or consulting.

The sky is the limit right here! You can also assist people in discovering your indigenous language through applications like Duolingo.




Ways to Travel the World for Free

Aiming to take a trip free of cost?  Well, here are some ways how to travel the world for free.

Below are all the methods that can make that take place:


1. Travel Hack and Get Free Flights!

I despise when individuals tell me they can’t afford to fly. There are a lot of means to make free trips these days.

Enrol in a few travelling charge cards accumulate miles, and afterwards, fly free of charge.

Many cards provide sign-up bonus offers of 50, 000 factors– as well as if you authorize up for both an airline card (e.g., a United Airlines card) and a general benefits card like the Chase Sapphire or AMEX card, you can combine both point equilibriums and get a low-cost trip quicker.

By collecting points and miles through credit history card rewards, wise everyday spending, online surveys, perks, and various other approaches, you’ll accumulate a lot of miles also before you have left for your journey.

You can go a great deal even more in the world when you take away the expense of trips as well as some lodging.


2. Stay for Free

Several solutions attach vacationers with citizens who agree to allow them to stick with them free of cost.

Utilizing these sites, you will never need to spend on lodging. Years ago I interviewed a person who took a trip for several years while only Couchsurfing.

I have utilized this solution 10 times and have always met outstanding people. Occasionally you get a room, often a sofa, often an air bed mattress, but it’s always cost-free.

There are also local Couchsurfing team meet-ups that can help you make friends in your brand-new city.

Furthermore, due to the rise of the sharing economic situation in the last couple of years, there are now websites that allow you not only to stick with locals but also share flights, meals, train tickets, gear, and a lot more!

These sites do not just save you a lot of money but they likewise obtain you off the tourist track and right into the neighbourhood life. Win-win! Below is a listing of websites to utilize free lodging:


3. Hitchhike

Hitchhiking is a complementary means to get around that is relatively risk-free as well as rather typical in several parts of the globe, consisting of Central America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Australia, as well as New Zealand.

I’ve hitchhiked in even more than a handful of nations (as well as I understand solo female travellers who have done the same!).

Certain, it has a bad online reputation in The United States and Canada, but with some good sense as well as a little bit of patience, you can bum a ride virtually anywhere– conserving loads of money at the same time!


4. Take Free Walking Tours

Intend to discover about the city, get your bearings, and see the significant sights?

Take a free walking excursion.

You can locate them in 90% of the significant cities in Europe, as well as there are likewise a couple of large Asian cities, South America, New York City, Australia, as well as New Zealand.

To discover these tours, ask the regional tourist office, your hostel team (or simply walk right into a hostel and also inquire about them), or Google “cost-free walking trip (city name).”

Simply be sure to tip at the end!


5. House sitting

Can’t manage your holiday? View somebody’s house while they go to theirs!

You can sign up for among the sites below as well as also see people’s houses (in addition to generally their pet dog canines) cost-free, allowing you to remain in one location for some time without needing to pay for accommodations.

Everyone’s account is verified so you recognize you won’t be cheated.

This is an outstanding system for lasting travel with a crucially included perk: you obtain a kitchen location to prepare your food (which saves you much more cash!).




So these are some good tips on how to travel the world for free.

Following you are going to find a video of a real-life case of a man who shares the way he has been travelling for free.

Watch the full video and leave your comments below.


Video: how to travel the world for free

Courtesy  TEDx Talks – TEDx Talks


Travel for free FAQ

How can I travel the world with no money?

You can use some of the different resources of this page lik: y house sitting or pet sitting. ... Teach or build something while you're away, in exchange for free room and board. ... Or volunteer to live and work on an organic farm. ... Get a salaried job where you can work overseas. ... Or work remotely — while travelling. ... Crowdfund your trip. ... Or use Airbnb to fund your trip.

How much money is required for a world tour?

In general, you should expect it to cost between $20,000 to $30,000 per person to travel around the world for a year. This rough estimate comes from reading travel budgets of other bloggers, various travel planning resources, and our own experience.

How can I get paid to travel for free?

There are many activities you can focus on like Get Paid to Ski. Get paid to ski by taking part in seasonal work at mountain ski resorts. ... Volunteer to Speak English for Free Room and Board. ... Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses. ... WWOOF -Work exchange on organic and sustainable properties. ... CouchSurfing. ... Teach English Abroad. ... Join a Family and become an Au Pair. ... Hitchhike the Globe.

how to travel the world for free

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