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My Experience with a Travel World Agency

Travel World Agency made my experience awesome!

I think this is one of the best decisions I´ve ever made because my trip became exactly what I was looking for and maybe more.

My wife and I wanted to meet Canada, the more cities we could visit on a tight budget and my personal research on the web did not come out with great results at all.

But surfing the web I found an interesting travel world agency with a great Canadian package.

We tool the risk and this is what happened to us.



Travel World Agency

Last year I had to use a travel world agency to organize a trip to Canada.

I have always travelled buying my flight tickets online and using great tools like to find hotels and experiences.

But on this occasion, my company needed all the details of the trip as well as the payment invoice.

I had won a prize for my sales and all the requirements had to be met.

I started looking for tour packages and comparing prices.

Finally, I found an interesting option in Mexico (where I live), with a good price for an eight days Canadian tour.

I do not want to bore you with all the bureaucratic procedures I had to deal with, so I´m only going to tell you that the travel world agency helped me to make it easy.

Let me tell you, I was a little afraid about the whole thing.  I had never been to Canada and my expectations were high.

I wanted to know as many places as possible within the budget of the company.  The problem was satisfactorily solved.




Travel World Agency

The schedule was rich.  First city: Toronto.  We had a two-day stand in Toronto and we toured many of the city’s points of interest.

We visited the CNN Tower, the rugby museum, the old parliament and a series of other emblematic buildings of the beautiful city.

Toronto is a great place to pay a visit and enjoy many activities.

Here are some interesting this to do in Toronto:



Niagara Falls

20170925 175927

On the third day, we moved to Niagara.

Everybody wants to meet Niagara Falls and I fell in love not only with the majestic waterfalls.

Niagara has many charms to offer such as a series of small thematic museums for the joy of children and adults.

This is not only about the falls.  There is so much fun around and things to do you are going to enjoy a lot.

Find more about Niagara Falls



1000 Islands

IMG 20170926 174823

The next stop was in Kingston to take the ferry to visit a thousand islands.

The Heart of the Islands Cruise takes you through the cottage islands of the Admiralty Islands featuring Napoleon’s Hat, Mandalay Mansion and the historic sights of Kingston.

It has been a great experience indeed.


That night we hosted in Gananoque.  I cannot tell you much about the town because we only slept there to take the road to Ottawa early in the morning.

One of the best parts of the tour at that point was the relationship we started with the group-.

The travel agency put together people from Mexico and you can imagine the kind of party we had all along the tour.




Ottawa welcomed us with a lovely climate and all its charms.  We took the Ottawa city hop-on hop-off tour to see as much as possible.

We enjoyed the commentaries from a lively guide and the opportunity to see over 75 sites at more than a dozen strategically placed stops.

I found a time to witness the changing of the guard and to visit the Canadian War Museum.

Ottawa is such a lovely city with a lot of places to visit that are really awesome.



Mont Trebland

IMG 20170921 200345

We had a short stop in Mont Tremblant on our road to Quebec.

It was Autumn so the trees’ leaves were turning into a beautiful yellow colour that made us feel we were in the real Canada.

The winter sports community is really exciting when snow falls all around, but even in the season we travelled in, the place looked really beautiful.

Did not have time for much because we had to continue to Quebec.

We had some unannounced bonuses like a visit to Canadian vineyards, a visit to Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré and a short visit to Mont Tremblant.

I enjoyed like a kid the sights and amazing nature in front of my eyes.




20170928 174011

We arrived in Quebec with a cold wind that surprised us.  We had to get jackets and scarves since we are not used to that weather.

I already imagine what it will be like and winter in those places.

But Quebec is charming.  We walked the mile around the wall and discovered the European architecture of the city.

We tried poutine and delicious desserts accompanied by a delicious coffee rate that brought us back to life.

Take it from me: I left my heart in Quebec.




IMG 1669

The last leg of our Canadian tour was Montreal.  Simply amazing.  We toured the underground city of Montreal and stopped to see the artists who liven up the walk and so many stores that I lost count.

A fast sight to Chinatown and Notre Dame as well.

Some of the beautiful places we visited were Old Montréal, Parc Jean Drapeau, Rue Sherbrooke, Places Jacques-Cartier, the Olympic Park and Lachine among others.




The trip was fantastic and the Travel World Agency fulfilled all its promises and even a little more.

Mention apart we met many wonderful people on the tour.  We were complete strangers at the beginning but as we were touring, we started a great relationship, sharing so much fun on the road.

On the middle of the tour, it looked like we were old pals having a party.

My experience was very pleasant and above all, I did not have the slightest setback during my trip.

If you want to experiment with an amazing group tour, look for a Travel World Agency.


IMG 20171009 WA0338

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  1. Wow! You saw so much! Quebec and Ontario do have plenty to offer. I hope you tried some maple syrup! Maybe next time you can make out the west coast of Canada to BC and Vancouver and the Rocky Mountains. Great post. I’m glad you enjoyed my country. Cheers!


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