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How To Travel The World For Free As a Travel Writer

You can travel the world for free in so many ways.  One of them is becoming a travel writer.

As a travel writer, you can travel a lot but you must be self-motivated and adaptable.

You must have good ideas that you can sell.

Also, you must be able to live on a shoestring budget and be willing to spend time away from home on short notice.

You must write frequently for practice, not just for potential publication.

Normally writers are not compensated for their participation in trips, but everything on the trip is covered.

Bloggers and influencers are occasionally paid on a per-day basis.

Many people are unaware that travel writers work with hotels, tourism boards, cities, countries, airlines, brands, and others to promote a specific area, destination, or event.

If you want to learn how to travel the world for free as a travel writer, you are in the right place.


Travel the World for Free

Travel writing is the perfect way for one to travel the world for free and also even make money for it!

As well as now, doesn’t that sound like something we could all do?

If you can discuss a remarkable experience, give an examination of a resort or eating establishment, after that you also can be a travelling writer.

And also in addition to being paid, as well as reaching travel, it’s also the perfect means to keep in mind your great memories.

While taking pictures is nice in the future, composing, is the true method to record every sensation and also sensation while you are travelling.

Upgraded trips, upgraded resorts, tickets to sold-out shows, VIP therapy anywhere you go, if this sounds like the path for you after that take a trip writing could obtain you there.

Or, if you’re a lot more like me, and also delight in the even more adventurous touring of travel, travelling writing can obtain you there as well!

Actually, I sort of believe my means of travelling can offer some very interesting stories. I remember sleeping on ferries and also trains.

Sharing food with residents, and even partaking in a pleasant beverage at the town’s pub. However, whatever way you choose to take a trip, it’s all approximately you – simply go for it!



Benefits of Being a Travel Writer

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There actually is no better sensation worldwide than to be around travelling a brand-new roadway you have not been down in the past.

There’s something so freeing when you recognize that the only fear for the day will certainly be which to educate to take, and also to exactly what destination, and whether you would love to eat in St. Mark’s Square or along the Venice canals.

It truly is the best experience one can have in their life.

It is the experience that allows all of us to realize that we are still alive – that we are truly experiencing everything this world has to offer!

As I’m sure you do, I have many stories to tell about my travels and can’t wait to see what new ones I’ll have in the future.

Travel writing is the ideal way for me to travel now, earn money, and also have a written record of where I’ve been on this planet.

It’s like exactly how the ancient Greeks so frantically wished to be born in mind in life … and I indicate, don’t we all?

This is the perfect way to allow others to understand all that life has supplied you and to Travel the World for Free.


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How do I start as a travel writer?

Most people imagine a travel writer staying in a luxurious hotel on the beach, dipping their toes in the water and sipping lemonade while composing a few blog posts from around the world on their laptop.

And, while some travel writing jobs include pre-paid travel and beautiful scenery, there are plenty of other opportunities available, even if you’re a new freelance writer.


What exactly is travel writing?

Travel writers are individuals who are compensated to write about travel.

Travel writing can include any type of writing that touches on this subject.

Because it is a broad niche, there are numerous opportunities for you to explore.

Here are a few things that travel writers contribute to:

  • Itineraries for popular vacation destinations
  • Packing checklists
  • Hotel, destination, and popular restaurant reviews
  • Travel tips
  • Blog entries
  • Content for social media
  • Travel guides

With so many options, travel writers can specialize in one or two areas, or they can remain generalists and work on whatever assignments they can land.


How much money do travel writers make?

Travel writers in the United States earn an annual salary of $58,061 or $28 per hour.

The top 10% earns more than $99,000 per year, while the bottom 10% earn less than $33,000 per year.


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How does one go about becoming a travel writer?

Are you ready to become a travel writer now that you know more about it?

Here are five different ways to find paid work in this field.


1. Look for travel jobs on job boards.

If you’re looking for work, keep an eye on a couple of job boards and use filters to find travel jobs.

Indeed and ZipRecruiter are two well-known options.

Companies from a variety of industries post job openings on these, so you’ll need to use the search or filter feature.


2. Cold-call travel agencies

You can send cold pitches to businesses and ask if they need freelancers to create content.

If you go this route, make sure you do your homework on each company before sending your pitch.

You should personalize your email for each recipient. Otherwise, you’ll come across as spammy and won’t get any responses.


3. Travel Writer Freelancer

If you’re ready to launch your company and pitch some travel publications, there are a few places to start.

Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll find a variety of travel websites and printed travel magazines that accept freelance writers and offer paid travel jobs.

All published prices are in US dollars.

Here are some good options for freelancers.


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Start Your Travel Blog

Though it takes longer to generate income on this path, starting your own blog can be an excellent long-term strategy.

Determine the type of travel writing you want to include on your blog and begin creating content.

You’ll have more success if you narrow your focus even further. Will your blog become the go-to source for large family vacations?

Will you concentrate on minimalist travel? Do you prefer a broader lifestyle website that covers travel and other aspects of life? There is no wrong answer because you can always change your mind later.

Begin creating content once you’ve decided what you’re going to write about.

You can begin the monetization process as your traffic grows as a result of your content marketing strategy.

Is it possible to make money from a travel blog?

Most travel bloggers make money by creating sponsored content and getting paid to go on trips.

That’s fine if that’s what you want to do, but it’s time-consuming and requires you to be constantly working (not to mention soul-sucking).

One advantage of starting your own blog is that you’ll be able to write your own samples as you go.

If you intend to write for others, you will need a portfolio of high-quality pieces to demonstrate your abilities.


Utilize social media

You can use social media to promote your new business and find new customers.

Make certain that you are following other travel writers on the platforms where you are active.

You can learn tips and tricks from them as you expand your business.

Also, You can connect with businesses that post journalist job openings.

For example, if you’re on Twitter, follow @Mediabistro, @FreelanceWJ, and @jjobs tweets.

These three websites post a variety of writing jobs, and you can use their content to look for travel writing jobs.

Hashtag searches on social media can also help you find gigs.

Look for the hashtags #travelwriters, #writersneeded, and #editorchat to see if anyone needs assistance.

To find positions on social media, you’ll have to sift through a lot of noise.

If you’re easily distracted, setting a time limit or establishing boundaries for yourself to stay productive can help you stay focused.

Discover the right way to travel

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Go for it!

So load a bag, bring a journal, maintain an open mind, as well as be gotten ready for the most amazing trip of your life.

Travel the World for free as a Traveling Author!



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