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Discover the Top 10 Budget Travel Destinations in the World

Best Budget Travel Destinations

Are you planning a trip this year?

Travelling is one of the best ways to experience new cultures, meet new people, and discover new things.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure, a romantic getaway, or just somewhere to relax, many wonderful locations around the world will fit your needs.

But if you’re on a tight budget, there are still plenty of great options out there.

Here are some of our favourite budget travel destinations.



Best Budget Travel Destinations

This year is close to the end and also if you haven’t currently done so, now is the ideal time to tidy up your wanderlust.

The clean-up slogan below is out with the foreseeable as well as in with the unique. better yet?

This hand-curated listing has rounded up 10 unmissable destinations that are budget-friendly as well. Ready for some inspiration?

Below are the best budget travel destinations to see this year or the next one!



Newfoundland, Canada

Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2018 - Newfoundland Canada

Sea-green icebergs, Viking negotiations, waterfall-oozing arms, and, most importantly, narwhals (sea unicorns!). Does it look like Iceland?

Close, but not quite.

Scooch over just 2,500 kilometres and you’re still in Newfoundland, Canada.

This eastern sliver of the country has a surprising amount of unexplored wilderness.

In comparison to its more expensive neighbours Greenland and Iceland, this part of Canada can be discovered fairly affordably on the Canadian dollar.


Costs & highlights

  • Food: Convenience food (e.g. Tim Hortons bagel/snack) ~$ 2 USD, sit-down meal $10-$ 15 USD
  • Lodging: resorts start at USD 100/night, tent outdoor camping or RVing is a fantastic method to submerge oneself in the outdoors. Airbnb is popular, with rooms beginning at USD 30/night. Compare resorts and hostels with the TripAdvisor internet search engine.
  • Getting around: Outside of the significant cities, a vehicle leasing, Motor Home, or campervan is highly suggested. Compare vehicle rental rates with BookingBuddy.
  • Leading tourist attractions: Gros Morne National Park, Skerwink Trail, Dungeon Provincial Park, L’Anse Aux Meadows (Viking settlement).



Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania | HK.Colin | Flickr

Dew-soaked woodlands, neon Southern Lights, and also the purest air in the world– Tasmania packs a juicy (and budget-friendly) punch to its southern neighbour, New Zealand.

This island state of Australia flaunts first-rate walkings, epic scenery, and adorable wild animals.

Better yet, the Aussie dollar remains to fare well for Americans, currently with 1 AUD only costing 78 cents.

This is one of the awesome budget travel destinations


Prices & highlights.

  • Food: Convenience food (e.g. kebabs) $7+ USD, sit-down meals $10+ USD (pub meals and also lunches being less expensive).
  • Lodging: Hotels begin at USD 39/night (reduced-priced rooms usually with shared shower rooms), and hostel dormitories USD 31+/night. Airbnb is offered around the island, with rates beginning at around USD 15+ per night. Compare resorts as well as hostels with the TripAdvisor online search engine.
  • Getting around: Public transportation exists in significant cities however an auto rental, campervan, or Motor Home is perfect for exploring the full island. Compare vehicle rental rates with BookingBuddy.
  • Leading destinations: Freycinet National forest (and also its well-known Wineglass Bay), Museum of Old as well as New Art (MONA), Cradle Hill National Forest, and Port Arthur Historic Site.


Enjoy these experiences in Tasmania



Cuzco, Peru.


This cobblestoned city is home to remarkably preserved Incan ruins, as well as culture from both the present and the past.

The Peruvian sol is still recovering from its 2016 nosedive, making an already inexpensive treasure even more affordable.

Many extraordinary ancient sites can be found within and around Cusco (the most noticeable being Machu Picchu).

However, do not overlook the numerous nearby ancient sites, such as Tipon, Pisac, and the Sacred Valley, which are all viable day trips.

Are you planning a trip to Machu Picchu?

Check out our complete guide to seeing it economically below. Check out our guide to finding cheap trips in South America to help you save money on your trip!


Expenses & highlights.

  • Food: Road food USD 1+, standard sit-down meals $2-$ 5 USD, even more, official dining USD 8+.
  • Lodging: Hostel dorms $13+ USD/night, resorts $35+ USD/night. Contrast hotels and also hostels with the TripAdvisor online search engine.
  • Navigating: The city is easily accessible on foot, though taxis abound also.
  • Top tourist attractions: Sacsayhuaman (tour guide advised), Centro Historico de Cusco, Plaza de Armas, Cusco Planetarium.


Enjoy your travel to Cusco



Istanbul, Turkey.

orig 75196

The falling Turkish Lira means that tourists can visit Istanbul for less money than ever before.

Istanbul, home to one of the world’s oldest markets as well as a delectable selection of food stalls, spice carts, palaces, and more— pleases the senses as well as calms travelling budgets of all sizes and shapes.

One of the most beautiful budget travel destinations.


Prices & highlights.

  • Food: $5+ USD straightforward dish, $7+ USD more formal dining.
  • Holiday accommodation: hostels $14 USD+ per night, resorts $18+ USD/night. Airbnb is additionally readily available throughout the city, starting at just USD 10+ per evening. Compare resorts and also hostels with the TripAdvisor online search engine.
  • Navigating: Public transportation is bountiful and also plentiful, therefore as well are taxis. Much of the city is best appreciated and also checked out walking.
  • Leading tourist attractions: Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Gallery, Sultanahmet Area, and any one of the bountiful markets (Grand Fete, Bakirköy, Beşiktaş).


Get more fun in Istambul!



Jeju Island, Korea.

http 2F2Fcdn.cnn .com2Fcnnnext2Fdam2Fassets2F130624120523 jeju island beach

Temples surrounded by forest, Koolaid blue water, and a dizzying array of flavour-packed food

To the curious visitor, Jeju Island offers a lesser-known preference of Korea.

For established Asia, its prices are remarkably low and also free for groups.

Make sure to visit some of the island’s infamously bizarre galleries, such as the Museum of Sex & Health And Wellness and Jeju Loveland.


Expenses & highlights.

  • Food: Standard meal USD 7+, more official meal USD 14+.
  • Lodging: Hostel or resort choices beginning at USD 27/night. Airbnb is bountiful with prices starting at USD 20/night. Contrast hotels as well as hostels with the TripAdvisor search engine.
  • Navigating: The island is finest checked out by automobile (be sure to have a global driver’s licence), however, intercity bus courses do exist. Compare cars and truck rental rates with BookingBuddy.
  • Top attractions: Seongsan Iichulbong (volcano + hunt), Jeongbang Falls, Hallasan National Park, Hamdeok Beach.


Make Your Experience Even Better


The Philippines.

http 2F2Fcdn.cnn .com2Fcnnnext2Fdam2Fassets2F170706113113 phillipines

The Philippines is simply alluring, with its erupting volcanoes, gloriously environmentally friendly rice terraces, and white-sand coastlines you’ll remember for many years.

Fortunately for visitors, its currency has been declining for several years.

Another advantage is its proximity to Southeast Asia, which allows for low-cost travel.

Beachfront bungalows, cabins with views of rice terraces, and oceanfront resorts are all available to even the most limited of budgets.

The only challenge will be deciding which of the 7,000+ islands to visit.


Costs & highlights.

  • Food: Basic meal USD 3+, more official eating USD 7+.
  • Accommodation: Hostels from $10 USD+ per evening (prices range city vs. backwoods), hotels USD 38+ per night, hotels and also personal cabins vary considerably. Contrast hotels and also hostels with the TripAdvisor online search engine.
  • Navigating: Major cities have public transportation as well as taxis available. Inter-island transport includes watercraft or planes.
  • Leading destinations: Bacuit Archipelago, Banaue Rice Terraces, Calamian Islands, Bohol.


See More Things to Do in The Philippines



Cairo, Egypt.

islamic cairo egypt 324042f64d76

The Egyptian extra pound has taken a serious drop in 2017, making some of the world’s most splendid marvels much more tangible to check out.

Roam pyramid damages, stare at brilliantly tiled mosques, and sample a boundless selection of delectable dips.

Cairo is lively and also not except excitement, with a wide range of tasks and ancient sites to discover.  A jewel among the top budget travel destinations.


Expenses & highlights.

  • Food: Street food $1+ USD, $4 USD for fundamental dish, fancier dishes $7+ USD.
  • Holiday accommodation: Hostel $11+ USD, basic hotel $20+ USD. Contrast resorts as well as hostels with the TripAdvisor online search engine.
  • Getting around: A well-run, cheap public transport system is in location. Taxi cabs and buses are also offered. Exploring walking is excellent, particularly for markets and also destinations.
  • Leading destinations: Keops Pyramid, Abdeen Palace, Egyptian Antiques Gallery, Gizeh Plateau.


Book Some Experiences in Cairo





Sveti Stefan Montenegro iStock 24640888 LARGE 2

It’s not the dimension that counts, it is just how you utilize it.

That claiming could not be more accurate for this teeny eastern nation that is saturated in European society.

Thrifty-minded travellers who make it below will certainly be greeted by majestic hills, ancient Roman suites, clear waters, and remote surroundings.

One of the most beautiful budget travel destinations.

Enchanting, under-visited, as well as captivating almost summarize this surprising gem of Europe.

Visit Montenegro, it´s a hidden gem.


Costs & highlights.

  • Food: $3+ USD for roadfood/snack, standard dishes $7+ USD.
  • Accommodation: Hostels $13+ USD, resorts $60+ USD. Compare hotels and hostels with the TripAdvisor online search engine.
  • Navigating: A lot of towns are so little they can be checked out on foot. Tired pedestrians can take low-cost taxi rides. Inter-city travel is done by bus or train.
  • Leading attractions: Ostrog Abbey, Biogradska Gora, Black Lake, Kotor’s Castle of San Giovanni.


Discover some activities to do in Montenegro




namibia 1280x720

Rust-coloured deserts, gold lawn levels, and watering holes evocative of the Lion King– and that’s just the landscapes.

Namibia is house to many of Africa’s famed large animals, from giraffes as well as rhinoceroses to cheetahs and elephants. Oh, and did we discuss its cost-effectiveness?

In contrast to other parts of Africa, Namibia offers a range of safaris and also lodging choices to delight in the country’s seeping natural appeal.


Expenses & highlights.

  • Food: $6+ USD for fundamental restaurant dish, $12+ USD for something fancier.
  • Holiday accommodation: Dorm bed or campsites USD 25+, basic resorts USD 40+. Compare hotels and hostels with the TripAdvisor search engine.
  • Navigating: Namibia is most easily checked out by vehicle, as the bus and also local transportation are erratic and slow. Deluxe buses do exist, yet your very own lorry or an assisted excursion supplies the most flexibility.
  • Leading destinations: Etosha National Park, Sossusvlei, Twyfelfontein, Fish River Canyon, Big Dad Dune, Kolmanskop Ghost Town.


Don´t Miss This in Namibia!



Montréal, Canada.

Montreal budget travel destinations

A preference of Europe for the Canadian dollar (still favourably lower than the USD), Montréal provides French beauty on a penny.

With its cobblestoned roads,

French design, and also the seemingly ever-present aroma of crepes, one need not spend thousands to fly overseas when such French beauty can be located right here in The United States and Canada.

You might not believe this is one of the budget travel destinations in the world.


Expenses & highlights.

  • Food: Basic dish $7+ USD, extra formal dining $15+ USD.
  • Lodging: Hotels $48+ USD, AirBNB (which abounds) rates starting at $14 USD/night. Contrast hotels and also hostels with the TripAdvisor online search engine.
  • Navigating: The city is well attached by public transport including bus as well as train. The downtown is finest checked out on foot.
  • Top tourist attractions: Old Montreal, Mount Royal search, Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal Botanical Gardens.


More Activities to Enjoy in Montreal




There are too many incredible places to visit in the world and it may surprise you the costs of certain cities.

Budget travel destinations are there waiting for you and be sure, you´ll enjoy the best experiences in your life.

If you are a travel fan, you can find real bargains for travel destinations that are willing to get more visitors and have great services offered that you can benefit from.

I chose these 10 budget travel destinations after my research, but there are too many more that shows offers from time to time.

Do you have any other location to be nominated among the best budget travel destinations?

Comment below!


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