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Cheap Places to Travel in the World

Cheap Places to Travel in the World

The pandemia frustrated travellers’ dreams but you still can plan some cheap places to travel in the world.

Every travel enthusiast begins planning their trips for the following year as the year comes to a close.

As we all know, the less expensive a location is, the longer you can afford to stay— or the better your travelling lifestyle can be while there.

In some countries, $45 an evening barely gets you a hostel bed, yet in others, it could get you a luxurious suite!

We saw the entire spectrum of the travel-value index this year.

We left Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, where we had a two-room private pool suite for $50 a night, and went to Japan, where the same $50 barely got us a dual bed on the floor in a little space.

Next year is set to be a great year for travellers, and if you’re already planning your excursions for the coming year, then this message is for you.

Because of a dip in their local currency on the international market or a present shortage of tourists, some of these countries are currently less expensive than they have ever been.

We would never write a blog post to enjoy low cost at the expense of financial struggle, but by travelling to these locations on your own right now, you may not only get better prices on your own but also help local businesses and people!

Right here are 5 cheap places to travel in the world.



Cheapest Places to Travel in the World


Cheap Places to Travel in the World



With white-sand beaches, excellent fishing, some of the best diving in the world, and some of the most beautiful woodland and rice paddy settings,

Indonesia is without a doubt one of our favourite countries on the planet.

At the moment, Indonesia is one of the most cost-effective places that we are aware of.

1 US dollar currently exchanges for roughly 13,500 rupiahs, a significant improvement from 5 years ago when the buck exchanged for only 9,050 rupiahs.

As I stated in the first lines of this article, Indonesia offers incredible value for money in terms of hotels, food, and transportation.

For as little as $20 per night, you may have excellent bed and breakfast places, which are frequently embedded in swimming pool rental houses.

For roughly $3, you can eat delectable seafood and shellfish dishes as well as millennial favourites like “shattered avo on toast,” and you can also rent a motorcycle for a few dollars per day (vehicles cost around $15).

One of the cheap places to travel in the world.


cheap places to travel in the world


The only thing that isn’t worth much is alcohol.

Imported liquor is subject to a high tax in Indonesia, thus a low-grade container of imported wine would set you back roughly $20, while a drinkable local wine will set you back $13– $15.

Bintang beer isn’t really good, but it’s inexpensive at roughly $1.50 to $3 at a beach bar or restaurant, whereas foreign beer costs around twice as much.

From all the countries we’ve visited and also kept track of our spending plans, Indonesia is unquestionably in the top three best value for money, and particularly with a stronger dollar and a weaker rupiah, this has never been more accurate than it is today.

The islands of Raja Ampat, Bali, Sumatra, Sumbawa, Lombok, Gili Islands, Flores, Komodo National Forest, Alor… and more are not to be missed!


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Mexico is a place we return to time and time again because of its diverse and wonderful (if not particularly nutritious and balanced) cuisine, friendly locals, beautiful coastlines, all the amenities you could want, and an energizing ambience.

One of the best cheap places to travel in the world

It is one of our favourite countries to visit, as well as one of the few places where we can envision ourselves living long-term.

There are so many great places to visit in Mexico that you could spend years here and still not see everything.

Mexico is quite affordable these days, thanks to a depreciating peso and a low cost of living.

At the time of writing, the US dollar is trading at 19 pesos, which is incredible.

When we came here in 2014, the peso had risen to 12.8 pesos, and we thought it was time to invest.

Because of the currency conversion to the US dollar, the country is now theoretically 49 per cent less expensive (as well as several various other money consisting of CAD).

If you want to save money when visiting Mexico, avoid going during the peak season (November-March), when holiday lodging costs can skyrocket (especially in December) and many of the most popular destinations are already sold out.


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Mexico will undoubtedly astound you with its incredible value whenever you visit.

Tacos for 30 cents apiece, a kilo of fresh seafood from the fish market for $3, Coronas with a piece of lime for $1.50, and solid margaritas for $1 each are all available as your feet are buried in the sand.

With Viva Aerobus and Aeromexico, you may get low-cost internal bus journeys as well as low-cost cross-country bus trips.

Aside from the excellent prices for food and liquor at restaurants and bars, Mexico has many retailers that North Americans enjoy, such as Sams Club and Costco in major cities, as well as one that not everyone enjoys, Walmart.

In addition to these organizations, Mexico has its food store brand names, such as La Arrival and Soriana.

Getting your groceries and cooking your meals is a great way to save money (and also have a well-balanced dinner) because the stuff in the grocery store here is very inexpensive.


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Yes, whether you like it or not, and even if you do like it, you will almost certainly loathe it,

India is one of the most interesting vacation destinations in the world.

Both are disorderly and peaceful, immaculate and filthy and both happy and angry.

It’s both free and disheartening. India embodies all of the oxymoronic sensations that make travel so fascinating.

While India is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent and sometimes overwhelming places to visit, it is also one of the most cost-effective.

With the Indian Rupee currently trading at 64 to the dollar (a full 28 per cent higher than when we last saw it in 2012), India is most certainly the greatest place to visit if you want to stretch your dollars, euros, or extra pounds.

Still one of the most charming cheap places to travel in the world.


India Images | Free HD Landmark Backgrounds, PNGs, Vectors & Templates - rawpixel


The last time we stayed in, I bought the cheapest (and most filling) food I’ve ever had on a trip.

For 20 cents, I got a stack of puris (warm deep-fried bread) and two different kinds of curries from a road cart.

The food was delicious and filled me up… wonderful.

While the cost of that dish was extremely low, we frequently had all-you-can-eat thali dishes for $1.50 and fresh lime juice pressed on the street for 15 cents per glass.

Depending on whatever train and bus route you select, travelling through India can be extremely inexpensive.

For example, a train from Mumbai to Kolkata that covers 1, 968 kilometres and takes 30 hours costs just $11!


Atardecer en Cartagena de Indias desde La Popa.



After travelling across Colombia in late 2016, it quickly became one of our favourite countries we’ve ever visited.

Colombia is a tourist’s dream, with friendly people, breathtakingly beautiful and also abundant jungles, wonderful Spanish colonial cities, and also spectacular beaches.

The Colombian peso has plummeted in value in recent years, which isn’t great for local economies or Colombians planning vacations, but it does provide budget-conscious visitors with an added incentive to see this amazing country.

We met a couple in Medellin who had decided to retire in Colombia in 2014.

Since their arrival, the peso has dropped from 1,800 to 3,350 pesos to the US dollar, a staggering 88 per cent drop, effectively doubling their retirement income.

Colombia is one of the cheap places to travel in the world that you will love.


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The good news is that the peso has begun to stabilize a little, and it is currently trading at roughly 3, 000 pesos to the US dollar at the time of writing.

This implies that anything visitors see in Colombia is well worth their time.

Whether you’re travelling with a dollar, an additional pound, a euro, a yen, or a yuan, Colombia is a significantly better deal now than it has ever been.

We stayed in a number of the greatest hostels we’ve ever seen in Colombia, complete with rooftop swimming pools, interesting bars, and also lavish spaces (one also had a jacuzzi in it).

In Colombia, the cost of scenic trips and also experiences is also very low.

The 4 day Ciudad Perdida excursion, as well as a $2 coffee picturesque tour in Salento, are also highly recommended.


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We’ll be the first to admit that Grenada does not compare to the other countries on this list in terms of value for money, but if you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean on a budget, it’s undoubtedly one of your best options.

Grenada is quickly being recognized on the worldwide vacation map, with beautiful and also relatively undeveloped coastlines, a trendy Caribbean ambience, some delectable local cuisine, and some of the best walking and trekking opportunities in the vicinity.

We stayed on the Island of Seasoning for about a year, and it’s also our favourite Caribbean country.

There are several amenities such as superb grocery stores, western dining businesses, enjoyable bars, and even a craft beer joint, according to the American College.

Grenada’s currency is the East Caribbean Buck, which has been pegged to the US dollar since 1976, therefore there isn’t a cheaper or more costly period to visit depending on market fluctuations.

But Grenada is a bargain when compared to the majority of other Caribbean islands.

One of the best cheap places to travel in the world.


Grenada St. Andrews Bay 1


We have always stayed at home when visiting the island and, as a result, have never spent money on lodging.

However, while researching this article as well as various other Grenada-related blog posts, we discovered charming, well-recommended houses and also bed and breakfasts are fantastic locations for just $35/night.

The absolute best prices can be obtained on Airbnb, and if you go to the website and also employ the service for the very first time, you’ll acquire a complimentary $20 credit score.

In Grenada, lodging in private houses is reasonably priced, while resorts and bed and breakfast establishments are not.

Food in restaurants is comparable to what you would pay in the United States, Canada, or Europe, but keep in mind that you are on a Caribbean island!

The cost of living in several of the islands east of the United States of America is more than twice as high.

The many jobs that you may accomplish for free are one of the factors that make Grenada much more budget-friendly.

In Grenada, there are several things to see and do!

Grenada offers enough to offer the budget-conscious, with numerous walks, six falls, and also more coastlines than you could see on a two-week vacation.

We do recommend leasing a car right here, which can be a bit pricey but is well worth it.

If you’re renting for two weeks or more, you can probably get a car for approximately $30 per day.

These locations are among the cheap places to travel in the world.

Have you been there yet?


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cheap places to travel in the world

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