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Best things to do in Bruges Belgium


Best things to do in Bruges Belgium

Beautiful Bruges is a tourist’s desire.  This is Belgium’s a lot of perfectly managed middle ages town, and its jaw-dropping, gorgeous design brings in more than 2 million visitors each year.

If you lack time on your Belgium journeys, Bruges ought to be your primary quit.

With its wide range of interesting old structures and also its canals, Bruges still retains a unique medieval air.

Any person walking on the narrow roads or on a watercraft trip on the canals falls right away under its spell, charmed by the environment of, what is for many, one of the most wonderful of all the cities of Flanders (the Dutch-speaking northern component of Belgium).

Because the centre of Bruges is relatively little, also those with just a day to spend sightseeing and tour can expect to eliminate a good suggestion of all the major destinations.

Crucial watching must most definitely consist of at the very least the main square with the belfry, Burg Square with the Basilica of the Holy Blood, as well as a trip on the canals.

Let me tell you, it was not easy to select the best things to do in Bruges Belgium.


Exploring the Best of Bruges in One Day

Archivo:Belgium-bruges-canal.jpg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre - Best things to do in Bruges Belgium

According to Laura Longwell, Bruges is gorgeous.

Its middle ages roads radiate out from attractive squares, there are cobblestones with horses clomping by, as well as almost everywhere stunning and also historic buildings invite you to pick up a picture.

Discovering Bruges, Belgium, from the water includes a brand-new measurement as the canals pass through historical areas and next to 15th-century estates.

Yet Bruges (Brugge) isn’t practically seeing rather things– there are trips to take, background to be learned, and also lots of beer to be intoxicated.

While the city might be best seen leisurely over 2 days, it’s possible to see a great deal of the city in much less time many thanks to its small, walkable nature.

If you’re wondering what to do in Bruges in one day, here’s our best listing.


Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Bruges

1. Belfry (Belfort van Brugge)

Belfry,tower,bruges,canal,channel - free image from

The south side of Bruges ‘ Markt (the major square) is controlled by the Halle with the belfry-Bruges ‘ most distinctive landmark soaring above it.

The Halle was started in 1248 and also two times bigger, very first in the 14th century and afterwards again in the 16th century, and also once operated as the city’s major market location.

The building confines an attractive yard, as well as the porch above the entrance, which was once utilized by the city daddies to promote their laws to the population set up.

The 83-meter-high belfry is one of the finest bell towers in Belgium as well as is entered from Halle’s inner courtyard.

Construction of the bell tower began in 1282, and the crowning octagonal top area was finally finished in 1482.

Today, a carillon of 47 bells still awaits the tower. For the ideal sight over Bruges, you can climb the 366 steps up to the top of the tower.

On the way up, the old Treasure Area where public files are maintained behind wrought-iron grills can be gone to on the second floor.


2. Basilica of the Holy Blood

St. Basil Chapel and Basilica of the Holy Blood (Sint-Basi… | Flickr

The Basilica of the Holy Blood (Heilig-Bloedbasiliek) presides over the central plaza known as the Burg or Burg Square.

The church is famous for the crystal vial kept inside that is reputed to contain a drop of Christ’s blood brought back from the Holy Land by Dietrich of Alsace in 1149 on his return from the Second Crusade.

Each year in May, this sacred relic is carried through the streets of Bruges in the Procession of the Holy Blood.

The facade of the basilica with its three Flamboyant-style arches and gilded statues was erected between 1529 and 1534.

The basilica itself consists of a Romanesque lower chapel and a late Gothic upper chapel, which houses relics of St. Basil brought from Palestine by Robert II, Count of Flanders.

An elegant spiral staircase leads to the upper chapel (built in 1480) where every Friday the vial containing the Holy Blood is brought out and shown to the faithful.


3. Markt

Brugge, markt, square, buildings, architecture - free image from ...

At the actual heart of the city is the Markt; Bruges ‘ dynamic main square, bordered on all sides by fine buildings from a range of different periods.

The eastern side is dominated by the Neo-Gothic Provinciaal Hof structure which dates from 1887 as well as is the seat of the West-Vlaanderen provincial federal government.

On the western side, inhabiting the left-hand edge is the attractive block 15th Century Huis Bouchoute.

On the contrary, corner stands the Craenenburg where, in 1488, at the instigation of Ghent, the burghers of Bruges kept the future Habsburg Emperor Maximilian sent to prison for 11 weeks.

He was freed only after consenting to respect the authority of the judgment Rule Council and to get the withdrawal of all foreign soldiers.

The very best means to appreciate all this architectural finery is to sign up with the crowds of site visitors and locals at one of the Markt’s many cafés and rest for a while saturating up the historical elegance around you.


4. Town Hall

Archivo:Town hall Brugge.jpg - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

On the southeast side is Bruges ‘ Community Hall (Stadhuis), one of the oldest in Belgium, having been created between 1376 and 1420.

The facade of the delicate Gothic structure presents the strong upright emphasis attribute of the style, with skyrocketing pilasters, three of which end in octagonal turrets, separated by tall Gothic arched windows.

Sculptures of the matters of Flanders from Baldwin Iron Arm onwards fill the 49 niches.

Inside, put on ‘t miss out on the terrific Gothic Hall on the initial floor with its beautiful lumber rising, which dates from 1402, as well as its murals taping events in the town’s background by An and also J de Vriendt (1895-1900).


5. Liberty of Bruges

Manor of the Liberty of Bruges (Landhuis van het Brugse Vr… | Flickr

On the eastern side of Square, the Bruges Vacationer Workplace occupies part of what was, up till 1984, the Legislation Judiciaries, built-in between 1722 as well as 1727 on the site of the former Freedom of Bruges (Paleis van het Brugse Vrije) from where independent magistrates exercised jurisdiction over the area.

Some fragments of the older building have survived, consisting of the beautiful 16th-century facade neglecting the canal at the rear.

1 or 2 of the much more historic areas inside are now the Brugse Vrije Gallery as well as can be admired by site visitors.

Of particular passion is the Schepenzaal (lay magistrates ‘ court) where you can see the popular chimneypiece made by the painter Lancelot Blondeel in 1529 and carried out in black marble and also oak by Guyot de Beaugrant.

This amazing piece of Renaissance craftsmanship has an alabaster frieze over portraying the story of Susanna and also the Elders with carved oak figures of Emperor Charles V as well as his moms and dads,

Ferdinand as well as Isabella of Castille, Mary of Burgundy, as well as Maximilian.


6. Groeninge Museum

Groeninge Museum, Bruges | Dimitris Kamaras | Flickr

Continuing with the best things to do in Brugges Belgium, head to the Dijver Canal to see the Groeninge Museum (Stedelijk Gallery voor Schone Kunst), which holds Bruges ‘ best collection of art.

In enhancement to its outstanding endowment of Old Flemish paintings, the museum additionally incorporates a gallery of modern-day art as well as an outstanding collection of views of old Bruges.

Nevertheless, the very first five spaces of the museum are the ones more than likely to claim your attention as they include fairly remarkable paintings by Old Flemish masters.

In Space 1 hang two significant works by Jan van Eyck: Madonna as well as the donor, Canon van der Paele (1436) as well as the portrait of Margaret van Eyck, the musician’s wife, painted when she was 33 years old (1439 ).

In-Room 3 are panels illustrating the legend of St. Ursula and also a portrait of Luis Gruuthuse, both popular jobs by unidentified Bruges masters, as well as the Last Judgment by Hieronymus Bosch is among the paintings in Area 5.


7. Church of Our Lady

File:Bridge to The Church of Our Lady.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The 112-meter-high apex of the Church of Our Woman (Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk) is the highest in Belgium.

Work started on the nave as well as aisles around 1230, the outer aisles and churches being added in the 14th as well as 15th centuries.

The church holds a wealth of art treasures, among which is a superb sculpture by Michelangelo, Virgin and also Youngster (1503-04).

The sculpture is based on the altar of the chapel at the end southern aisle.

The Calvary on the high church is by Bernaert van Orley, the triptych Love of the Shepherds is by Pieter Pourbus, and also the Transfiguration of Christ is by Gerard David.


8. Sint-Jansspitaal (Old Saint John’s Hospital)

Sint-Jansspitaal | St. John's Hospital | PlanetKorriban | Flickr

In our list of the best things to do in Brugges Belgium, we could not miss a visit to Old Saint John’s Hospital.

Instantly opposite the west door of the Church of Our Woman stands the earliest building in Bruges, the Sint-Jansspitaal (St. John’s Healthcare facility), established in the 12th century.

The tympanum, over the bricked up the gate to the left of the Mariastraat entryway, is embellished with reliefs revealing the Virgin, which bears the day 1270.

Inside the old structure, in what were once wards, an event of files and medical tools charts the healthcare facility’s background.

The old dispensary beside the wards has likewise been preserved.

Additionally within the walls of the old healthcare facility is the Memling Museum, a tiny collection of the works of Hans Memling (ca. 1430-94).

Exceptional amongst these is the Reliquary of St. Ursula (1489 ), acknowledged as one of the master’s most important works.

Hardly much less popular is the Mystic Marital Relationship of St. Catherine, repainted for the so-called St. John church.

South of Sint-Jansspitaal is the street of Walstraat, rimmed by tiny, incredibly rather, gabled 16th- and 17th-century residences in which lacemakers still practice their craft.


9. Béguinage

Beguinage Enclosure | Bruges, Belgium | David Merrett | Flickr

In medieval times, Minnewater (the “Lake of Love “), on the much side of Wijngaardplein, belonged to Bruges ‘ busy external harbour.

Nowadays, just the Gothic Lock Residence (slushies) at the north end supplies an idea of its far-from-tranquil past.

Standing by the Lock Home is a beautiful sight of the bridge over to Bruges ‘ Béguinage (Prinselijk Begijnhof 10 Wijngaerde) with its white 17th-century residences grouped around a grassy, tree-shaded court.

It was started in 1245 by Margaret of Constantinople, and today is the house of Benedictine religious women.

In between the entry gate as well as a church (founded in 1245, and restored 1605), the former béguine homes have been transformed into the Begijnhof museum, which provides an interesting insight right into life in the béguinage.


10. Dijver Mansions

Dijver Mansions

On the left, at the far end of the Dijver Canal, stands an attractive ensemble of 15th-century buildings comprising what was once the Heren van Gruuthuse mansion. Here in 1471, the fugitive English king Edward IV took shelter. The original “heren” were merchants with a monopoly on the trade-in dried herbs (grout).

Part of the mansion is now home to the exceptional Gruuthusemuseum, which holds a superb collection of antiques and applied art occupying 22 rooms.

Particularly eye-catching are the lacework, carvings, tapestries, and weaponry, also the delightfully restored and completely authentic old Flemish kitchen and the dispensary.

The Brangwyn Museum, in the 18th century Arentshuis next door to the Gruuthusemuseum, has porcelain, pewterware, ceramics, mother-of-pearl ware, and a charming collection of views of old Bruges as well as an exhibition of paintings and drawings by the Bruges-born English artist Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956).


11. Sint-Salvatorskathedraal

St. Salvator Cathedral (Sint-Salvatorskathedraal), Bruges | Flickr

From the Church of Our Woman, take the short road of Heilige Geeststraat to the Sint-Salvatorskathedraal, the earliest parish church in Bruges and a sanctuary considering that 1834.

Initially established in the 10th century, the majority of components of today’s building date from the 12th and 13th centuries.

The fortress-like 99-meter-high west tower was created in numerous phases, the lower Romanesque portion between 1116 and also 1227 as well as the brick section between 1183 and also 1228.

Over the centuries, the sanctuary has made it through 4 fires along with the iconoclastic fierceness.

The 101-meter-long inside consists of some significant home furnishings.

Particularly outstanding are the Baroque rood-screen with several God the Father by Artus Quellin the Younger, the 15th-century choir delays embellished with the layers of arms of Knights of the Golden Fleece as well as, above the stalls, Brussels tapestries made in 1731.

Simply off the right transept is the sanctuary museum, which holds some valuable art treasures.

To reach Bruges ‘ Markt from here, take the Steenstraat with its row of regular Bruges gable Veldhuizen that has made it renowned as one of the city’s prettiest roads.

This visit is considered one of the best things to do in Bruges Belgium.


12. Sint-Jacobskerk

File:Sint Jakob Interior, Bruges, Belgium.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

From the northwest edge of the Markt, Sint-Jacobstraat continues beyond the Eiermarkt to the Gothic Sint-Jacobskerk, passing on its means the 18th-century Music Academy left wing and also the Boterhuis (a cultural facility) on the right.

Presents from the dukes of Burgundy, whose palace neighbored, changed the 13th- to 15th-century church from its fairly small beginnings to its existing dimension.

The richly florid inside includes a variety of great 16th to 18th-century paints by regional artists along with some intriguing tombs.

Among the last, to the right of the choir, is the twin-tiered tomb of Ferryboat de Gros (a treasurer of the Order of the Golden Fleece that passed away in 1544).


13. Jeruzalemkerk

File:Brugge Jeruzalemkerk R09.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Late Gothic church of Jeruzalemkerk dates from 1428 as well as was modelled on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

The Adorne household, that developed the church, had made a Holy Land trip and constructed this church upon their return.

Visitors must keep in mind the extremely great stained-glass home window job of the church, which dates from the 15th as well as 16th centuries as well as ought to likewise ensure they see the copy of Christ’s tomb (a replica of the one in the Holy Sepulchre) while right here.

On the outside, the Jeruzalemkerk is most noted for its tower, which is noticeably different from other church apexes in Belgium as a result of its Asian impacts.


14. Day Trip to Flanders

Visiting Belgium and Flanders: here's your guide to Mechelen ... - Best things to do in Bruges Belgium

We cannot end this list of the best things to do in Bruges Belgium without a visit to Flanders.

Armed forces history buffs remaining in Bruges can easily take a day trip to the Flanders field of battles and memorials.

The community of Ypres is less than an hour away by auto and is house to numerous of the location’s crucial Globe Battle I sites, consisting of the Menin Entrance and also Rijselpoort (additionally recognized as Lilletor), numerous battle burial grounds and monoliths, along with the extensive field of battles.

Ypres additionally has several stunning churches as well as a lovely old square, Groke Markt, with the 13th-century Lakenhalle (fabric hall).

Visitors who do not have their auto can tour Flanders on a full-day Globe Battle I field of battles scenic tour of Flanders from Bruges.

The tour consists of transport and also a light lunch, along with an expert guide that offers insight into essential historical websites as well as spots.

Amongst the excursion’s quits are the Tyne Cot Burial Ground and Menin Entrance in Ypres, the Flanders ‘ Area Museum, and the German Military Burial Ground.


More Things to Do in Bruges

So this is a brief list of the Best Things to do in Bruges Belgium.  If you want to add something else, please write in the comments section.



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Best things to do in Bruges Belgium

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