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World Travel Guide Book: San Francisco

World Travel Guide Book: San Francisco

Here is our World Travel Guide Book; San Francisco.

In this San Francisco travelling video overview, I travel to San Francisco, California, one of the most beautiful cities in the USA, if not the world.

In the area for a conference for just 4 days, only one of which was going to be bright, I headed out to view as long as I can in a day.

I began my day by visiting the Haight-Ashbury district, San Francisco’s most renowned neighbourhood.

Ground no for the Summer season of Love, this area’s bohemian past is still evident as you walk the area, though things have changed quite a bit.

Following I headed to the Objective Area, San Francisco’s “It ” area now.

House to a large and different immigrant population, cheap rents have drawn lots of young and also hip people to the location, shown by the artisanal delicious chocolate stores, used book stores as well as spreading of a cafe.


World Travel Guide Book: San Francisco

World Travel Guide Book

There are also great taco shops below. I check out Taqueria Cancun as well as El Toro to see which I found as ideal.

After that, I hopped on watercraft to get a one-of-a-kind sight of the San Francisco Bay as well as the Golden Entrance Bridge, which we cruised under, and then took a trip past Alcatraz Island as well as Angel Island.

Covering points up, I went through the Presidio for a trip to Lucasfilm, full of a Yoda fountain, after that hiked among the Presidio’s several tracks to obtain a bird’s-eye view as the sunlight set over the bay.


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10 San Francisco Attractions

In San Francisco, California, there are ten San Francisco attractions along the waterfront.


Pier 39

Pier 39 is a large shopping centre with pricey businesses that look out over the gorgeous Bay.

When I’m on vacation, I don’t worry about prices, but as a native, I find the stores to be a little pricey.

That said, it shouldn’t stop you from doing some window shopping or even splurging.

Let me tell you about some of my favourite spots to visit. I can’t leave Pier 39 without purchasing a piece of Chocolate Heaven chocolate.

There are so many options that it might be overwhelming, but my personal favourite is the dark chocolate caramel turtles.

I enjoy eating them while strolling along the pier.

By visiting the Rodney Lough Jr. Gallery, you may teach your children about art and the environment at the same time.

I adore his work as a nature photographer from my alma institution (BYU). You can go into a small area where the lighting on his images is changed, and it takes my breath away.

The fridge magnet store is also a wonderful location to visit.

This is the place to go if you want a San Francisco souvenir to put on your fridge. Thousands of fridge magnets are available.


Take a tour of the USS Pampanito Submarine or the USS Jeremiah O’Brien Navy Ship.

During World War II, the USS Pampanito sunk six Japanese warships and injured four more.

You may board it for $9.00 and take a tour of the entire facility.

The family pass is an excellent value at $20 for two adults and two children.

My two Boy Scouts spent the night on the USS Pampanito, complete with a 4 a.m. guard duty watch!

This is an excellent opportunity to teach your children about history in a hands-on manner.

They can get a sense of how claustrophobic and cramped a submarine’s living quarters are.


Take a trip to Fishermen’s Wharf.

Fishermen’s Wharf is a waterfront location. It was once the residence of a local fisherman.

There will still be some boats, but not nearly as many as there were in previous years.

It is now mostly a large tourist attraction where you may spend your vacation money. Nonetheless, I adore it! I can’t say no to a fresh crab cocktail or a sourdough crab sandwich.

Scoma’s (located at 1 Al Scoma Way, right off Jefferson Street) is one of my favourite places to dine. Along the waterfront, it’s the best and delivers the freshest and tastiest seafood.


At Aquatic Beach, let your kids play in the sand while you read a book.

Many folks are unaware of one of my favourite San Francisco activities.

Continue walking west through Fishermen’s Wharf for a short distance until you reach Aquatic Beacon, a small sandy beach.

You may grab a bite to eat at Fishermen’s Wharf and then go down to the beach for a lovely picnic.

I enjoy reading here and watching the senior adults get some exercise by plunging into the chilly San Francisco Bay. (This is not for me!)


At Ghirardelli Square, you can see chocolate being made!

You may walk up the hill to Ghirardelli Square after having lunch at Aquatic Beach.

It’s a short hike to the top of the hill, and your kids will undoubtedly whine as mine did, but you can bribe them with a piece of free chocolate from Ghirardelli Square, which is right outside their store.

After you’ve got your chocolate, take a breather and head to the back of the ice cream shop to witness chocolate being prepared.

It makes me want to go right in and start drinking! This is a great place to stop for a break and have some delicious ice cream.


The San Francisco Municipal Pier is a great place to go for a walk.

When you take a walk on the pier, you can get out over the ocean without even stepping on a boat.

The San Francisco Municipal Pier may be found at the end of Beach Street, then heading to the Bay.

It’s built of cement and is extremely durable and safe. You can go all the way to the end to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Prison.

On three sides, you will be completely encircled by water. Your children may also enjoy peering into the plastic buckets of locals crabbing off this pier.


A Segway Tour is a great way to see the city.

This is a lot of fun if your kids are twelve or older.

It’s a little pricy (about $70 for people), but I believe it was well worth the money.

The San Francisco Electric Company is offering a 45-minute safety and training session.

In roughly two to three hours, you may learn how to ride a Segway, learn about San Francisco’s history, and have a fantastic tour of the waterfront.

I like this tour since the workers are quite polite and helpful, and the tour provided a unique perspective of the city.


Along Fishermen’s Wharf, keep an eye out for street performers.

When visiting the San Francisco shoreline, you never know who you’ll run into, but this is one of my favourite things to do in the city.

If your kids are tired and don’t want to picnic at Aquatic Beach, buy them lunch and place them in front of some street performers while they eat and forget about their sore legs.

I’ve seen jazz musicians, break dancers, performers selling CDs while performing music, and mimes. Don’t pass it up since your kids will enjoy it.

Take a moment to appreciate their talents as well as the unique taste of the area.


Visit Alcatraz and have a tour of the prison.

This should be at the top of your San Francisco bucket list.

Nobody should ever leave San Francisco without seeing Alcatraz, in my opinion.

Where else in the United States can you take your children to see a former federal prison?

Make sure you purchase your tickets in advance by going online. Simply Google “Alcatraz Tours” and purchase your tickets online, then print them off to save time and fuss.

That’s exactly what I did on my Alcatraz visit.


At Pier 39 in San Francisco, you may see the sea lions.

This used to be one of my favourite things to do in San Francisco, but the sea lions all chose to swim away recently.

They hadn’t returned as far as I knew, and they believe they may have wound up in Oregon.

Over 1000 sea lions turned around and walked away!

There were always at least 50 people watching them play “King Of The Hill” and try to push each other into the San Francisco Bay when they were there. I also enjoy observing small children.

They’re adorable.


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