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7 top honeymoon destinations in Spain

Top honeymoon destinations in Spain

Ah, honeymoons. The mere whisper of the word conjures images of sun-kissed beaches, candlelit dinners by the sea, and whispered secrets under a sky glittering with a million stars.

It’s an adventure, a chance to shed the skin of daily life and dive headfirst into the intoxicating swirl of romance with your soul mate.

But hold on, lovebirds! Before you get swept away by visions of Barcelona’s bustling streets or Ibiza’s pulsing nightlife, let’s venture off the beaten path.

Spain, you see, is a treasure trove of hidden gems, each one dripping with a unique blend of charm, adventure, and enough romance to fill a thousand love sonnets.

So, ditch the guidebooks and pack your wanderlust, because we’re about to embark on a honeymoon escapade like no other.

Buckle up, darlings, as we unveil 7 secret Spanish havens that will set your hearts ablaze and make your love story the envy of the gods.

So let´s explore the top honeymoon destinations in Spain.

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Spain

When it comes to honeymoons, there’s Paris, there’s Bali, and then there’s Spain.

But why ditch the predictable and choose a country that whispers ancient secrets and tickles your toes with warm sand? Let’s paint a picture, shall we?

Diversity Dazzles: Spain isn’t just tapas and beaches (though those are pretty darn incredible!). Imagine fiery flamenco in Seville, medieval magic in Granada, and art-deco dreams in Barcelona. Hike snow-capped peaks in the Sierra Nevada, then laze on volcanic black sand in Tenerife. This country is a chameleon, morphing into every adventure your hearts desire.

Romance Runs Riot: Whether you’re hand-in-hand strolling through moonlit alleys or sharing a candlelit dinner with the ocean as your soundtrack, Spain oozes romance. Picture yourself whispering sweet nothings beneath the Alhambra’s starry sky, or stealing a kiss at sunset on a secluded Mallorca cove. It’s like Cupid dipped his arrows in sangria and let loose, darlings!

Adventure Awakens: From spelunking in Ronda’s ancient caves to white-water rafting through wild Catalan rivers, Spain is a playground for thrill-seekers. Bungee jumps off the Puente Nuevo bridge, surf the Canary Islands’ waves, or get lost in the labyrinthine streets of Cordoba. It’s a land where your adrenaline will spike higher than Mount Teide and your memories will be as vibrant as the Fiesta de San Fermín.

Culinary Captivation: Ah, Spanish cuisine! It’s a love story on a plate, a tango of flavours that will leave your taste buds doing the flamenco. Dive into tapas heaven in San Sebastian, savour melt-in-your-mouth pintxos in Bilbao, or indulge in fresh seafood on Valencia’s sun-drenched beaches. Spain is a culinary kaleidoscope, and every bite is a delicious adventure.

Warmth That Welcomes: From the sun-kissed smiles of locals to the vibrant street life, Spain embraces you like a long-lost friend. Immerse yourself in the laid-back siesta culture, learn a few flamenco steps in a local class, or just bask in the infectious laughter that spills out of every plaza. This is a country where you’ll feel welcome even before you touch down.

So, there you have it, darlings. Spain is more than just a honeymoon destination, it’s an experience.

It’s a chance to rekindle the spark, ignite your wanderlust, and write a love story that will leave you breathless long after the sun sets on your last Spanish adventure.

So pack your bags, your appetite for romance, and your sense of wonder, because Spain awaits, ready to paint your honeymoon with the vibrant colours of unforgettable love.





Picture this, lovebirds: you two, hand in sun-warmed hand, getting lost in a maze of time-worn alleys in Albaicín.

Moorish whispers tickle your ears, mingling with the intoxicating scent of jasmine and the clinking laughter from hidden tapas bars spilling onto flower-bedecked squares.

Welcome to Granada, darlings, a city where fairytales whisper secrets in every breeze and flamenco rhythms beat like a passionate love song.

(Imagine a panoramic view of the Alhambra at sunset, with the city of Granada nestled below, basking in the golden glow.)

And then, there’s the Alhambra. Just saying the name makes your heart flutter, doesn’t it?

This isn’t just a palace, it’s a fantasy sprung to life.

You’ll wander through intricate courtyards, marvel at gilded ceilings, and lose yourselves in the whispering fountains as dusk paints the sky in fiery hues.

It’s the kind of place where sultans wooed princesses and dreams took flight on gilded wings.

But Granada isn’t just about opulent history. It’s about getting lost in the labyrinthine alleys, stumbling upon hidden squares alive with music, and sharing plates of melt-in-your-mouth tapas under twinkling fairy lights.

Imagine a carriage ride through the Generalife Gardens, the air thick with the scent of orange blossom and the chirping of birds.

Or picture yourselves soaking in the natural hot springs of Alhama de Granada, letting the mineral-rich water melt away your every worry.

Granada, my dears, is a city that whispers “romance” in every language.

It’s a place where you can write your own love story, page by page, as you explore hidden patios, share laughter over glasses of sangria, and dance to the fiery soul of flamenco under a sky dusted with a million stars.

So pack your sense of adventure, your dancing shoes, and a heart ready to be swept away.

Granada awaits, with open arms and open secrets, promising a honeymoon woven from magic, passion, and all the sun-kissed moments that make love stories sing.


san sebastian


San Sebastián

Picture this, lovebirds: the sun paints the crescent curve of La Concha beach in molten gold, kissing your skin with its warm embrace.

Sea salt tingles on your lips – a tiny taste of the endless ocean before you.

And in your hand, a masterpiece, a jewel of the Basque culinary crown – a pintxo. Imagine it: tender jamón dancing with smoky chorizo on a crispy baguette, drizzled with olive oil that shimmers like liquid sunshine.

Each bite, a burst of flavour, an explosion of joy shared with your one true love.

San Sebastian, darlings, isn’t just any beach town. It’s a tango of sun-kissed days and sizzling nights, where Michelin-starred restaurants whisper secrets of culinary alchemy to cosy cafes brimming with the laughter of locals.

It’s a place where you can wake up to the gentle sigh of waves lapping against the shore, then conquer Monte Igueldo like a pair of adventurous pirates, their eyes sweeping across the panoramic ocean kingdom below.

Rent paddleboards, you two, and become playful sea otters, gliding across the turquoise waters, tracing playful circles around each other.

Let the cool spray dance on your faces, a whispered promise of shared laughter and secrets murmured in the salty breeze.

And as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in fiery hues, the rhythm of flamenco will beckon you.

In a traditional tablao, let the passion of Spain ignite your soul.

Watch the dancers weave tales of love and loss, their feet like brushstrokes on the canvas of the stage, their eyes burning with the same fire that now flickers in your hearts.

San Sebastian, my loves, is a symphony of romance played out on a canvas of sea, sand, and sizzling culinary delights.

It’s a whispered promise of lazy afternoons on sun-drenched beaches, a tango of adventure and indulgence, a love story waiting to be written in every shared pintxo, every stolen kiss, every beat of your hearts against the backdrop of the endless ocean.

So pack your dancing shoes, your beach towels, and your appetite for love, darlings. San Sebastian awaits, ready to paint your honeymoon in shades of unforgettable.


Top honeymoon destinations in Spain - Tenerife



Forget the tired old honeymoon tropes, darlings! Tenerife, Spain’s volcanic siren, is about to blow your mind with a love story that’s as fiery as its lava flows and as starry as its endless nights.

Picture this: you and your amour, hand in hand, scaling Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak, as the first rays of dawn paint the landscape in a fiery orange glow.

Imagine the dramatic silhouette of Mount Teide against a sunrise sky, casting long shadows over the volcanic terrain.

It’s a scene straight out of a Tolkien novel, except instead of orcs, you’ll encounter breathtaking views and the sweet sting of adrenaline in your veins.

But Tenerife isn’t just about summit selfies and bragging rights.

Dive into the crystal-clear waters below and explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with exotic life.

It’s like swimming through an underwater disco, with technicolour fish pirouetting around you and the sunbeams sparkling like diamonds on the waves.

Or, if you prefer your romance a little more low-key, sink your toes into the soft embrace of a black sand beach.

The volcanic whispers will lull you into a state of pure bliss, and the salty air will carry the promise of endless adventures.

Speaking of adventures, Tenerife is your playground! Get lost in the starlit wonderland of an astronomical observatory, where constellations dance across the velvet sky and the Milky Way becomes your glitter shower.

(Picture a couple gazing up at the Milky Way from an observatory, their faces lit by the soft glow of a star chart.)

Or, melt away your worries with a couples massage at a seaside spa, where the rhythmic waves and the scent of jasmine will leave you feeling like you’ve just been reborn.

And the best part? Tenerife is just the tip of the Canary Island iceberg!

Hop on a ferry and explore Gran Canaria’s dunes, La Gomera’s lush rainforests, or Lanzarote’s lunar landscapes.

Each island is a new love chapter waiting to be written, with hidden coves, charming villages, and volcanic wonders that will leave you breathless.

So, what are you waiting for, lovebirds?

Tenerife is calling, and it’s whispering promises of sun-kissed skin, volcanic kisses under starry skies, and adventures that will fuel your happily ever after.

Pack your sense of wonder, your thirst for romance, and your most adventurous swimsuits, because this honeymoon is about to take you places you never dreamed of.

Tenerife, my dears, is where love and adventure erupt like a volcano, leaving you forever changed and forever in love.





Mallorca, darling, is often whispered about in the same breath as beach parties and Ibiza’s pulsing nightlife.

But hey, lovebirds, what if I told you this sun-drenched island held secrets far more tantalizing than crowded shores? Close your eyes, and picture this:

1. Turquoise whispers and hidden toes in the sand: Forget elbow-to-elbow sunbathers. Instead, imagine turquoise waters lapping against pristine white sand, accessible only by the gentle bob of a sailboat. Picture secluded coves carved by the sea, where you and your amore can bury your toes in the warm sand and whisper sweet nothings under a sky the colour of forget-me-nots. (Think of a couple kayaking towards a secluded cove on Mallorca, surrounded by turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs.)

2. A time machine with pine needles and cobblestones: Mallorca’s heart beats not just on the coast, but also in its charming medieval villages. Trade your swimsuits for sturdy shoes and wander through fragrant pine forests, stumbling upon sleepy hamlets draped in the silence of centuries. Imagine stone houses whispering forgotten tales, and cobbled streets leading to hidden plazas where time seems to have stopped for a cup of cafe con leche and a shared kiss.

3. Vespa kisses and meadows for two: Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck by renting a vintage Vespa. Wind in your hair, sun on your face, and the island’s beauty unfurling before you like a map to love. Stop for picnics in hidden meadows, where wildflowers bloom like confetti and the only sound is the chirping of crickets and your whispered secrets. (Picture a couple zooming down a winding Mallorcan road on a vintage Vespa, with the sun beaming down and the Mediterranean sparkling in the distance.)

4. Candlelight whispers and the ocean’s lullaby: After a day of exploration, Mallorca dresses up for romance. Imagine a cliffside restaurant bathed in the golden glow of the setting sun. Candles flicker on white tablecloths, and the gentle lapping of waves whispers its love song. Savour fresh seafood under a sky sprinkled with stars, and let the rhythm of the sea lull you into a night of sweet dreams.

5. History’s embrace and whispers of a king: For a touch of grandeur, explore the majestic Bellver Castle. Imagine towering ramparts whispering tales of a bygone era, and panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Or, lose yourselves in the labyrinthine alleys of Palma de Mallorca’s old town, where centuries-old churches whisper their blessings and hidden courtyards offer stolen kisses.

Mallorca, darlings, is a love letter written in sun-kissed sand and medieval whispers.

It’s an island where adventure and romance tango under the starry sky, and every heartbeat feels like a chapter in your fairytale.

So ditch the guidebooks, grab your sweetheart, and get ready to discover Mallorca’s hidden secrets, one magical moment at a time.


Sunset in Ronda - Andalucia, Spain - Travel photography | Flickr



Ah, Ronda, darling! Imagine a scene straight out of a medieval romance novel: you and your amore hand in hand, strolling across the iconic Puente Nuevo bridge.

This ain’t your average honeymoon stroll, though. Below you, a dramatic gorge whispers tales of ancient battles and hidden treasures, the Guadalevín River carving its way through the heart of the city.

It’s a view that’ll leave you breathless, a panorama painted in shades of sun-kissed stone and verdant valleys. (Picture a couple hand-in-hand on the Puente Nuevo bridge, gazing down at the breathtaking gorge below.)

But Ronda isn’t just about jaw-dropping vistas. La Ciudad, the old town, is a labyrinth of whitewashed houses adorned with intricate wrought-iron balconies and secret patios overflowing with bougainvillaea.

Wander through its narrow streets, getting lost in the rhythm of life, the scent of fresh bread mingling with the laughter of children playing in hidden squares.

Every corner unveils a hidden gem: a quaint tapas bar serving melt-in-your-mouth delicacies, a tiny art gallery showcasing local talent, or a sun-drenched terrace perfect for stealing a kiss or two. (Imagine a couple exploring a hidden patio in La Ciudad, sunlight drenching the bougainvillaea and casting a romantic glow.)

Of course, no Spanish adventure is complete without a touch of vino.

So, let’s venture out to the nearby bodegas, nestled amidst rolling vineyards. Learn the secrets of Ronda’s renowned wines, swirl ruby liquids in your glass, and let the warmth of the Spanish sun fill your soul.

And afterwards, what could be more romantic than a picnic overlooking the very vines that birthed the nectar you just savoured?

Spread out a checkered blanket, share a crusty baguette bursting with local cheese, and whisper sweet nothings as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in fiery hues.

But if you’re craving a bit of adrenaline with your romance, Ronda’s got that too. Brave souls can test their nerves with a heart-stopping bungee jump off the Puente Nuevo, the wind whipping through their hair as they freefall towards the gorge below.

Or, for a more grounding adventure, delve into the earth’s mysteries with a spelunking expedition through the surrounding caves.

Discover hidden chambers sculpted by time, ancient stalactites like frozen tears of the earth, and feel the primal thrill of exploring the unseen world beneath your feet.

Ronda, darlings, is a honeymoon symphony where ancient whispers mingle with modern thrills, where breathtaking beauty inspires amorous sighs, and where the spirit of adventure dances hand-in-hand with romance.

So pack your walking shoes, your sense of wonder, and a thirst for adventure, because Ronda awaits, ready to weave a love story you’ll treasure forever.


Lanzarote, sea, coast, water, canary islands - free image from



Darlings, get ready to blast off on a honeymoon unlike any other.

Forget sandy beaches and swaying palm trees; Lanzarote, my loves, is an island straight out of a sci-fi dream.

Picture Timanfaya National Park, a moonscape where geysers erupt like angry dragons and lava flows have sculpted the earth into alien landscapes.

You and your amore, hand in hand, exploring volcanic craters and marvelling at rock formations that look like they sprouted from the imagination of Dr Seuss himself.

Imagine yourselves traversing this otherworldly terrain, the volcanic heat warming your hands as you gaze upon the bizarre and beautiful landscape.

But Lanzarote isn’t just about lunar oddities. It’s also home to secluded black sand beaches that whisper secrets of ancient fires, beaches so pristine they’ll make you feel like the only two souls on Earth.

Take a dip in natural lava pools, the warm geothermal water melting away your worries as you soak in the primal energy of the island.

Picture snuggling into a natural lava pool, the volcanic warmth seeping into your bones as you gaze out at the endless sapphire horizon.

And when the sun dips below the horizon, oh, darlings, prepare for a show that’ll steal the breath right out of your lungs.

Lanzarote, free from light pollution, boasts a sky ablaze with a million stars.

Picture yourselves nestled in an astronomical observatory, your love as your guiding star, as you witness the Milky Way in all its breathtaking glory.

Imagine lying back in observatory chairs, awestruck as the cosmic ballet unfolds above you, your whispers lost in the immensity of it all.

And where will you rest your weary heads after a day of volcanic adventures and celestial awe?

In a converted volcanic cave suite, of course! Imagine falling asleep to the whisper of ancient fire beneath your feet and waking up to breathtaking views that’ll make you pinch yourself in disbelief.

Picture a cave suite carved into the volcanic rock, with sunlight streaming through a natural window, illuminating the space and revealing a panorama that stretches to the horizon.

Lanzarote isn’t just a honeymoon destination, it’s an experience. It’s an island where art and nature intertwine in a celebration of its volcanic soil.

Discover the unique works of César Manrique, sculptures and buildings that blend seamlessly with the lunar landscape, reminding you that beauty can bloom even in the most unexpected places.

Imagine exploring a César Manrique masterpiece, sunlight dancing through its organic forms and lava-stone walls, reminding you of the creative force that sculpted both the island and artwork.

So, pack your sense of wonder, your thirst for adventure, and a generous dollop of romance, darlings.

Lanzarote awaits, ready to paint your honeymoon story in shades of black sand, fiery sunsets, and a sky brimming with a million starry promises.


Study reveals ancient Canary Island inhabitants' strong genetic ties to Moroccans


The Canary Islands

Your Spanish honeymoon isn’t just about one island paradise, it’s a passport to an archipelago of emerald jewels!

Imagine this: you and your amore, setting sail aboard a sleek catamaran, the turquoise waters of the Canary Islands sparkling beneath a sapphire sky.

Each island unveils a new facet of paradise, like a treasure chest overflowing with adventure and romance.

La Gomera, a whisper of ancient forests and mystical whistling language, beckons with hikes through Jurassic landscapes where waterfalls tumble into verdant valleys. El Hierro, the smallest giant,

whispers tales of hidden villages and volcanic pools where you can soak in the earth’s primal warmth.

And La Palma, the “Isla Bonita,” lives up to its name with lush rainforests dripping with orchids and starlit nights that seem painted on black velvet.

But it’s not just the scenery that’ll steal your heart. In quaint villages frozen in time, you’ll find locals strumming guitars and stories woven from generations past.

Vibrant festivals erupt in swirls of colour, the intoxicating beat of timples pulling you into their joyous dance. And beneath the crystal-clear waves, a symphony of life awaits.

Dive in with playful dolphins, glide alongside majestic whales, or simply snorkel through coral gardens teeming with kaleidoscopic fish. Let the ocean embrace you, whispering secrets of love as vast and vibrant as the sea itself.

And if you’re craving a touch of luxury to gild your Spanish soiree?

Well, darlings, buckle up! Imagine a clifftop spa where the scent of lavender and rosemary lulls you into blissful serenity.

Or a private chef conjuring a candlelit feast on a secluded beach, the moonbeams your only spotlight.

And for the ultimate fairytale moment, picture a hot air balloon ride, soaring above the islands like enchanted lovers, the world a breathtaking tapestry beneath your feet.

So, sweethearts, don’t just choose one island paradise in Spain, choose an archipelago of unforgettable moments.

Let the Canaries paint your honeymoon with emerald waters, volcanic kisses, and memories that will forever shimmer like the stardust on your skin.

The islands await, darlings, ready to weave your love story into the very fabric of their magic.



Video – Top honeymoon destinations in Spain

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Darlings, your Spanish honeymoon has reached its enchanting finale, but the echoes of laughter and the whispers of the sea will forever dance in your hearts.

You’ve kissed beneath fiery skies, tasted paradise on secluded beaches, and discovered new chapters of your love story in hidden corners of Spain.

Remember, this honeymoon wasn’t just a trip, it was a tapestry woven with laughter, adventure, and the intoxicating magic of Spain.

So, as you board your plane, don’t look back with just photographs and souvenirs, carry the warmth of those sun-kissed days and the sparkle of starry nights in your eyes. Let the passion of flamenco ignite your soul whenever you need a spark, and let the scent of orange blossoms forever evoke the memory of love whispered under sun-drenched Spanish skies.

But here’s the secret, darlings: the adventure doesn’t have to end. Spain, with its endless wonders and hidden gems, will always be waiting to welcome you back. So, keep your passports handy, your hearts open, and your love ever-burning.

Spain, and the memories you’ve made within her, will always be your honeymoon haven, beckoning you back for a fresh dose of enchantment whenever your souls crave romance and the whisper of a thousand Spanish fairytales.

Now go forth, hand in hand, and write the next chapter of your love story. The world is your oyster, and Spain, with its endless charm, is the pearl within.



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Top honeymoon destinations in Spain

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